The Magic of a Bowl of Soup

This is a story about soup: rich and creamy, chicken and noodles, meat and vegetables, or any recipe you like.  Soup warms our bodies, and according to mothers everywhere,  heals whatever ails us.  Soup can be homemade or made by opening a can. It can be made in a large pot or in a bowl in the microwave oven. It is delicious when served with warm crusty bread or crackers.  I could go on and on how delicious soup is, and how much I like making it, but there is more to a bowl of soup then just the ingredients, pots, how we cook it, and how we eat it.   Although the above has a lot of merit, there is so much more to know about soup, and how it can change the lives of others.

The Magic of a Bowl of Soup…….

I love people of all ages, but am especially fond of seniors, those less fortunate of any age, and children.  My husband always tells me that I care about everyone. Maybe he is right.  I only know that if I can help someone I will.

Did you ever realize how some folks who are in need, never ask for anything?  They struggle silently whether their need is financial, or health related.  They are proud and would not  think of asking for help. I  have two neighbors that fit that description. So whenever I make soup,  I make sure I prepare twice the amount.  I think they feel better about accepting  the soup when, I tell them that I made way too much, and my husband and I would never be able to finish it.

I feel good as I walk home knowing that they have something hot to eat. Soon, the phone rings and rounds of, ” The soup was great! You didn’t have to do this, but we are glad you did. I wish, I could repay you; maybe someday, when things get better.” Of course I would never expect anything in return.

I am not telling you this story to brag about my soup making skills.  I am sharing in hopes, that you will reach out to those in need, whether they are your neighbors, residents in a homeless shelter, wounded warriors, or a struggling family member.

The Magic of a Bowl of Soup is simple. It is love. It is caring and sharing. It is reaching out to others. It is making a difference.   So make a pot of soup, and pass the Magic along, for when we help others, we truly help ourselves.











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  1. One of my favorite quotes is…If you can’t feed a hundred people then just feed one. I love feeding people as well. Cooking is therapy for me and sharing is so rewarding especially when people tell you how yummy it is.

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