Friday, A Day of Lessons

Today is Sunday.  The weather is sunny and slightly spring-like.  The snow is melting, and I am enjoying every minute of it.  As I reflect, on the days leading up to this glorious afternoon, Friday stands out as a day of lessons.

It started out like any other day: morning prayers, coffee and breakfast, and catching up on my reading.  But, little did I know what was in store for me, just a few hours later.

It all started two years ago when I was asked to help at a funeral luncheon.  Of course, I said yes, and must admit, it was gratifying. In fact, so rewarding, I continued, always ready to answer, yes.  I felt somehow, we ladies, were helping the families by having everything prepared for them, after the sadness of burying their loved one.

Sometimes I knew the family, and sometimes I did not. Sometimes the funeral service was held at our church, and sometimes it was not.


Another luncheon to prepare for, another family grieving the loss of a loved one. Another family I did not know.

On this day, the service was held in our church.  We worked hard to get everything just right, for those joining us for lunch. When we are satisfied with our work, the ladies asked if I wanted to go up to the service but, I was unsure if I should since I did not know the family. But, my dear friends said it would be okay.

I was blind………

I did not know this beautiful older woman who now resides in heaven. I did not know her family, or what she was like when I sat down in the pew. I did not know her favorite things to do, or her love for her family, as I watched her casket being pushed down the aisle, as the organist played a familiar hymn. I did know how many friends this dear sweet woman had, and the difference she made in their lives.  I  did not know how her influence helped shape her granddaughter into the young woman she had become.  I did not know she had three daughters who loved her dearly. I did not know that her husband walked with a walker, and how much he would miss the loving hands that helped him for so many years.

But now I see………

After listening to our pastor talk about this sweet woman, I learned what made her so special. I learned about her love for her family, her love of cooking, her beautiful needlework, and how much she loved teaching Sunday School. Looking around the church, I learned how many people loved her. I learned just how much her granddaughter loved, and admired her grandmother, by the loving way she spoke of all the things they had done together.  I learned how sad her husband was, grieving for his wife of many years.  I learned how much her daughters loved her by the tears on their face.

Hello dear friend…….

As I sat and listened to the beautiful message about this particular angel, I formed a picture in my mind. I could see her cooking, taking care of her friends, always being there for her family, working with her Sunday School students, taking care of her husband, and knitting her beautiful blankets.  When we sang two of her favorite hymns, I could almost hear singing along, smiling her warm smile, and nodding her head at a friend.  I did not know her when I walked into the Sanctuary but left with a new friend in my heart

My heartfelt feelings……

My dear readers, I hope that we will reach out to those who have lost a loved one and be a comfort to them. That we love our families with a passion and help all those in need.  My question to you is: How would you like to be remembered by your family and friends?  My response to that question is: I would like to be remembered as a loving person who genuinely cares for everyone I met.











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