A Valentine Letter to My Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am writing this letter on Valentine’s Day,  since it is the day we celebrate love.  I miss you both so very much, but know that you are celebrating this day of hearts and flowers with your loved ones in heaven.

Dad, it has been a long time since I saw your brown eyes, your grin that stretched from ear to ear, and heard your voice saying, ” How you doing kid!”   As I write this, I remember the day you came into my life. You accepted me as your little girl even before you asked my mother to marry you. When Donna, Emma and Lee came along, I was still your little girl.  You raised us all the same way without showing partiality. The rules applied to all four of us, and so did the consequences.

Although, we didn’t always hear, “I love you,” we knew the depth of your love by your everyday smile and the things you did for us.

I want to thank you for working so hard for us, even when your health was not the best. I remember the day, you frightened me beyond words, as I ironed in the dining room of our old farm house. You were sleeping on the sofa in the living room. When all of a sudden, I heard a noise and looked up. You were shaking; shaking so violently that you shook your sock off  one foot. I remember screaming for Mom, who came running and between the two of us, we did what he had to do. I was crying when you came out of your seizure. I thought we were going to lose you.  I remember thanking God for saving my dad.

I want to thank you for instilling in me the love of reading   I remember seeing you sitting comfortably in your chair and enjoying your Lonesome Dove stories. You loved them.  Thank you also, for always expecting respect, expecting us to do what we were told, and expecting us to always do our best.  I will get right back to you, Dad, but need to speak to Mom right now. Hope I can get through this part without crying my eyes out.  I think I need to get the tissues.

Mom, you took your journey to heaven, a little over two years ago, and  I miss you more than words can say. I want to thank you for not giving me up as a baby. I admire that you didn’t marry my biological father  because of the uncertainly of his love.

Thank you for working so hard and always providing me with a home. I know in my heart that giving birth to me in 1948, and being single was not easy. I am so grateful for the sacrifices you made for me.  Thank you for falling in love with my dad, Lee. He was exactly the right man for you and the right father for me.  I have so many wonderful memories of you that I could be writing for a month, so I will move on to the three gifts that I am still enjoy every day.

Donna, Emma and Lee are those gifts. I cherish them each and everyday. We love each other so much, and are always willing to step up and help when one of us needs a hand.  We are not jealous of each other, but encourage one another in whatever we are doing.  I must admit, I have been  told that since your passing, I have become the “mother hen” looking after my siblings.  You taught me well Mom. My love for them is deep and always will be.  Donna had a heart attack in December, but is doing well. .  However, this summer she will need a hip replacement. Her perseverance simply amazes me. Emma will soon have a cataract removed. She looks good Mom! Emma has lost a lot of weight  and is taking care of her health. Lee is working hard and loving his granddaughters. He still has his hearty laugh and genuinely loves life. He plays your country CD’S   everyday on his way to work. Can you hear the music Mom?   Are you singing along?

Mom and Dad…..

The hardest thing  I ever had to do was watch as illnesses took over your lives. I watched Dad go from a robust man who loved life, to a man who needed: extended stays in nursing homes, visiting nurses, a wheelchair, longer stays in bed, then finally death. My heart broke that day, but I knew you were on a new journey to a beautiful place where there is no pain, suffering or tears.

Mom, we thought we would loose you when you turned eighty years of age, but your determination, sheer love of life, and your love for your family kept you going.  We were happy that God gave us six and one half years longer to see your sparkling blue eyes, hear your spicy, silly jokes, listen to you play your harmonica, and take you out to do errands, which always ended up with lunch.

It was an honor to take care of you and be with you for the last seven weeks of your life. Mom, I could not have done it without the help and support of Donna, Emma and Lee. I know angels were gathered around your bed waiting for God to whisper your name. I believe that Dad was nearby waiting for you. When God whispered in your ear, Dad held out his hand and touched you and together, you made your way to a beautiful new home. Someday we will all be together, until then,  I will  do my best to take care of everyone. Happy Valentine’s Day to my precious parents.

Your loving daughter

My heartfelt feelings………

Dear readers, I wrote this letter to my parents for a several reasons. One: I really, really miss them. Two: They were the driving force that shaped me into the woman I am today. Three: They taught me to how love, how to persevere, how to reach out to others, how to forgive, and how to believe in myself.

It is my hope that all will appreciate their parents in everyway, and honor them with respect and love. All I ever wanted was for Mom and Dad to be happy and they were.

When we honor our parents, we honor God………











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