The Incredible Ethel

2015-02-25 16.55.59

This is a story about a special gal who brings happiness to me everyday. Just the sight of her makes me smile. I have known Ethel, for about twelve years, and consider her one of my dearest friends. So bear with me dear readers, as I tell you about the incredible Ethel……. Ethel is very shy.  She doesn’t say much, […]

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A Piece of My Heart

2014-01-14 10.33.38

Dear Readers, Today’s blog is not about animals, my teapot, or the Amish. It is about a broken heart, tears, love, struggling, and Mom.  It is about a few journal entries written from my heart one month after Mom’s death.  It is my hope that my words will help those  who have lost a loved one, or maybe struggling with a loved one’s illness. It […]

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For Sure and For Certain

2015-01-24 14.59.44

  I love the Amish!  I love everything about them, from their clothes, meticulous farms, buggies and horses, to their home cooking and unique way of life. Each time I travel to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I am in awe of the fresh air that fills my lungs, clean clothes hanging on the clothesline, children running barefoot through the yard, mothers, daughters and grandmothers  quilting together, and fathers, grandfathers and […]

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