L’amour Est La Reponse (Love Is The Answer)

Six months ago, I took a very nasty fall. However, being stubborn,  I thought resting my leg along with icing my knee a few times a day, would solve the problem. Wrong!  In fact, two months after the first fall, I fell again on the same knee. Once again, I tried to heal myself, but this time the pain was too much to bear.

And the doctor shook her head……

After a few x-rays, a decision was made that physical therapy would be the best course of action.  So, with script in hand, I entered the rehabilitation center ready to work hard to get my mobility back.

A ray of sunshine entered the room……

About two weeks ago, I heard a gentleman talking with a beautiful accent.  He was warming up on the stationary bike, out of sight, still  his voice meandered  almost as if it was floating.

Soon, he walked slowly into the main therapy room holding on to his cane. He was an older man with a lovely woman; his wife, by his side. She was tall with brown hair beautifully braided around her head. This lovely woman wore a long brown skirt, and a white blouse with a vest hand sewn with beautiful embroidery on the lapels. Her outfit was completed with white stockings and dark brown ballerina shoes. She smiled at everyone and said hello with the same accent that made my heart skip a beat. It honestly felt like the sun was shining on me, even though it was pouring outside.

What’s that I hear?……….

Although, I was working hard on the balance wedge, I could not help to hear the soothing voice of an angel sitting on a chair next to her husband, counting the seconds in French as he worked on his first exercise. Most of our exercises are ten and ten; ten times, holding for ten seconds. I could see the gentleman  struggling, but responded to his wife’s counting and encouragement.  When he was finished, he looked at his wife, and said I love you in German!  It seems this sweet couple speak six  languages  fluently!

The magic of the afternoon……..

As the afternoon wore on, I listened as the woman continued encouraging, and counting  in French, with her husband counting back to her in Italian, or Spanish. They would both giggle then switch to another language.

It was so sweet to watch the magic between the two of them.  Their love for each other reminded me of a rainbow with its many beautiful colors arched in the sky. Where the pot of gold is two hearts entwined to make one.

Before long, her husband completed his therapy, and headed to the bathroom to change back into his better clothes.  His wife went in to help him dress.  As I put on my last sneaker, I looked up and there they were, standing hand in hand. He in a nifty suit and tie, and she wearing her beautiful smile.  He looked at me, tipped his hat and wished me a good day, then together they walked out the door.

My heart is still soaring……..

Although it has been two weeks, I still think of the beautiful woman with the warm smile and her outgoing husband who filled my heart with the languages of love

My heartfelt wishes…

I never found out the names of the man and woman who touched my heart that day, but they taught me a lesson.  The lesson was love, pure and simple. Dear readers, love can change anything and everything. We all need to keep loving, whether it is our spouses, our children, our family, our friends, our neighbors, those we find difficult to love and those we have yet to meet. When we have love in our hearts, we have hope.  Be a rainbow  for someone; you just might change a life.   Love is the answer!
















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