My Special Angel, Lee Brodt

2015-02-25 17.01.39

 I was born in 1948 to a beautiful young woman named, Roberta Lorraine Transue. My biological father wanted to marry Mom but it was not meant to be.  During that era, having a baby out of wedlock was far from acceptable. Although Mom knew the road ahead would be hard, she was not afraid.  Mom worked hard every day,but it […]

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A Small Still Voice

2015-07-25 17.47.50

This evening, as I took my walk around our local track, something or someone spoke to me. No, it was not my husband’s voice or that of the folks walking laps. It was a small still voice that felt like it came from my heart. It is almost as if, my heart had an idea that meandered up to my […]

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