Welcome Home Angel

 Skyler James was born on July 1, 2016. He was a perfect little baby with ten fingers and ten toes and a head of brown hair.  Skyler had eyes of blue and a warm smile that could melt a summer snow cone. Little did we know that on July 29, 2016, this precious little guy would make his journey to Heaven. Skyler is missed and loved beyond words.

This is the seventh in a series of letters to my great-grandson Skyler. It is my hope that these letters will bring comfort, peace, hope and love to all who read them.

Dear Skyler,

How are you? We miss you and think of you every day.  I have been looking up at the clouds and waving to you hoping that you will see me.

How is Ralph, your new pet turtle doing?  I hope you are taking really good care of him.  Have you made new friends in Heaven? It is still February here but in a few days, we will celebrate a new month named March. I will write and tell you all about St. Patrick’s Day and a new season; spring.

Last Sunday, a special member of our family made her journey to Heaven.  She was a special dog, named, Angel. She was ten years old. Angel loved her family with her whole heart. She loved to play, take walks and mooch food from everyone. We all miss her and hope, she is happy in her new home. If you see Angel, tell her Grandma loves her very much.

Love, Gigi

Dear Gigi,

I am doing well and love Heaven. Yes, I see you waving at me and I love waving back to you. Gigi, you may not see me but I am always with you. Sometimes I visit and tickle your cheek. Whenever you think of me and smile, I am with you. When you write to me, I can feel your love and I love you right back.  Please tell everyone that I am okay and I love them very much. Tell them to keep me in their hearts.

Ralph is doing great. He plays with the other turtles. Gigi, all the animals are safe in Heaven. There is no sickness and they never have to worry about people or other animals being mean to them. It never happens in Heaven.  And, It never happens to children or grown-ups. Heaven is love. Everywhere you look you can feel the love.

Whenever a new animal, bird, or fish is ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge, everyone and I do mean everyone goes to meet them. We wave to them as they start to cross over. Most of the children, like me, jump up and down and throw kisses as they get closer to Heaven.

When they take their first step in Heaven, we hug each one.  Just like us, they are not sick anymore. They can run and play just like they did with their families.  The fish swim in ponds and the birds fly from flower to flower. God takes care of everyone and everything in Heaven. Jesus told me about a dog named Angel. He held my hand as Angel walked toward me. I hugged her and kissed her. I told her that I loved her and would take care of her. She even sniffed Ralph.  I hugged her one more time then she ran all around and made friends with everyone. Please tell Aunt Laurie, Uncle Lew, Christian, Lewis, and Jalissa that she is okay and will always love them.

Gigi everyone in Heaven is my friend. When a new little boy or girl arrives, we meet them too. Two more things, please tell my brother, Preston that I stood next to him as he received his certificate for earning good grades. Tell him to look up at the clouds and I will blow him a kiss. I almost forgot. Jesus wants everyone to know that it is important to love. He also wants all of you, to reach out and help others. In Heaven, we are kind and loving.  Gigi, tell everyone that being kind and helping others will change hearts. I love you so much!

Love, Skyler

My thoughts………………………………………………………

Scripture tells us that love never dies. I truly believe that. Keep looking up at the clouds and wave, you never know who is waving back.

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