A Day of Celebration!

July 1, 2016, was a wonderful day! It was the day a sweet baby boy was born. He was a handsome little boy with blue eyes and brown hair. Everyone who saw him fell immediately in love with this delightful little charmer. Little did we know that our hopes and dreams would turn into broken hearts on July 29, 2016; the day Skyler James made his journey to his new home in Heaven.

This is the ninth in a series of letters written to my great-grandson, Skyler.  I hope that my words will fill your heart with peace, hope, love, and give you a little glimpse of Skyler’s Heaven.

Dear Skyler,

Hi, sweetheart!  How are you on this beautiful spring day? The sun is shining, and the sky is a beautiful shade of blue. This morning when it was still dark, I heard the sound of a robin singing its beautiful song. Later, when I was filling my bird feeder, a chubby red cardinal was sitting nearby, mingled in the branches of a tree singing at the top of his lungs.  I thought of you and wondering if you were visiting me. Do you listen to the birds sing in Heaven?

Skyler, today is March 29, 2017. It is a very special day. Today is your grandfather’s birthday.  Did you know that your grandfather and your aunt Laurie are twins? They are celebrating their fifty-second birthday.  If you were with us on earth, you would be calling him Pop-pop. That is what your brother, Preston, calls him.  By the way, Preston is doing well. He misses you and loves you very much.

Skyler, you would love your Pop-pop with your whole heart. He is a lot of fun! Pop-pop loves to chase Preston around the house, throw the ball, and play in the pool. He takes Preston to some ball games and buys him hot dogs. If you were still with us, Pop-pop would be doing all these things with you too.

Your Pop-pop is a very hard-working man who also has a lot of friends just like you do in Heaven.  Pop-pop is my son, and I love him more than words can say. He has a kind heart and is always ready to help others.

Skyler, on earth, we celebrate our birthdays with cake, candles, ice cream, balloons, and presents. It is a fun day. How are birthdays celebrated in Heaven?

I miss you, honey, but know you are happy in Heaven. Please give Nanny, Pappy, and your great-grandfather a hug from me.  I will always love you, sweet pea!



Dear Gigi,

I can see the blue sky shining down on earth, and it is pretty. The birds are beautiful here in Heaven too. We have cardinals, robins, bluebirds, hummers, ( that is what Jesus calls them) parrots, and every other bird that God created. They are not afraid in Heaven. They are loved. All the birds fly all through Heaven and sit on the tree branches and bushes.  They even land on us. I like it when the cardinals and parrots land on my arm. Guess what, Gigi, they are not even afraid of the cats.  When the birds sing, they sound beautiful. They sound like a chorus singing to Jesus.  They make me happy, Gigi.

Happy Birthday to my grandfather! I visit him sometimes. Whenever he rubs his cheeks, it’s me saying, “Hello! I love you!” He has blue eyes just like me. I saw the little birthday cake that you took him today.  Please tell him that I am fine and will see him again. Someday, we will be together forever.

Yes, we celebrate our birthdays in Heaven.  Remember when I told you that Jesus wants his heavenly children to enjoy all the things that earthly children and grown-ups experience?  Well, it is true.  In Heaven, everything is beautiful. We don’t need balloons because the flowers get really big on our birthdays and look so pretty.  Jesus sits on a hill and holds the children on his lap one at a time.

The rest of us sit around Him and take turns touching his robe. He tells each one of us how much He loves us and that He always will.  When we look into His eyes, we feel His love.  Then the birds and everyone in Heaven sing. It is wonderful!

One afternoon, two of my friends and I followed Jesus as He was walking. We saw Him look down at the earth, then we saw tears. Soon the tears turned into streams flowing from his eyes.  We all started to cry because Jesus was crying.  We heard Him say, ” When will they learn to love one another?”  I don’t understand why he said that. Will you tell me why Jesus cried when he looked down?”   Please tell me in your next letter.

Will you tell my Pop-pop that I will always love him?  The next time I come for a visit, I will sit on his lap and hug him.  Happy Birthday, Pop-pop! Happy Birthday, Aunt Laurie!  One more thing, Gigi, Jesus told us today that soon we will meet someone new. He said that the man’s name is Joseph and we would know him by his coat of many colors. I can’t wait to meet him.  I love you, Gigi!



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