A One In a Million

Today is Administrative Professionals Day. It is a day set aside to honor secretaries, receptionists, and all those who work hard to keep offices running efficiently. This is a story about gratitude, compassion, laughter, and friendship, and a special secretary who brought so much to all who walked into her office. In 1992, I wasContinue reading “A One In a Million”

The Bear Who Brought Me Peace

This is a story that should have been written almost three and a half years ago.  I guess the old saying of; time really flies is true.  The three bears in the picture at the top of this page live in my bedroom. They reside on an antique rocking chair in the corner, right inContinue reading “The Bear Who Brought Me Peace”

Skyler’s Easter Message

Easter; the day Jesus was resurrected; the day He triumphed over death, the day He was able to send the Holy Spirit to continue  His work on earth and the day He gave us all a living hope. Thank you, Jesus, for loving us, forgiving us and showing us Your mercy and compassion. Skyler James wasContinue reading “Skyler’s Easter Message”

Skyler and the Good Friday Letter

July 1, 2016, was a glorious day. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the clouds drifted softly across the horizon.  It was the day that Skyler James was born. It was a happy day, a day filled with joy. Little did we know that on July 29, 2016, our little Skyler wouldContinue reading “Skyler and the Good Friday Letter”

Skyler and the Palm Sunday Letter

Babies are a special gift from God. A gift to be loved and cherished every day of their lives. Our little gift was born on July 1, 2016.  Oh, how we loved this little guy with his bright eyes and a smile that warmed every corner of our hearts.  Little did we know that onContinue reading “Skyler and the Palm Sunday Letter”