Skyler and the Palm Sunday Letter

Babies are a special gift from God. A gift to be loved and cherished every day of their lives. Our little gift was born on July 1, 2016.  Oh, how we loved this little guy with his bright eyes and a smile that warmed every corner of our hearts.  Little did we know that on July 29, 2016, our special gift, Skyler James, would make his journey to Heaven.

This is the tenth letter in the Skyler series.  The letter that you are about to read is very special to me.  I love that Skyler writes a letter to his Gigi about a very special lesson. I hope Skyler’s words will bring you joy, hope, and above all love.

Dear Gigi,

How are you doing?  I have so much to tell you! This morning, the Angels told everyone that Jesus wanted us to gather by the hill near the tree with the pretty pink flowers.  We always go to the hill to listen to stories about people who helped God and His Son, Jesus. The Angels called the storybook, the Bible.  I love to listen to the stories and Gigi, wait to you hear this; I have even met some of the people from the Bible. It was so exciting!  I will tell you about two of them in my next letter but for now, I will give you a little hint; one made the waters part and one had a coat of many colors. It was neat!

 I have to go, Gigi, my friend Gabriel just blew his horn and that means it’s time to go to the story hill. Did you know that Gabriel is an Angel?  I will finish my letter a little later, Gigi. Love you

I am back with a special story to tell you. Are you ready?

 The Angels were waiting for us at the hill.  This time they did not want us to sit at the bottom of it, they wanted us to stand in a big group. We all stood and waited.  Even the animals waited. Soon the Angels gave each one of us a palm.  It is part of a plant Gigi.

 Gabriel blew his horn and we got very quiet. Then all of a sudden, everyone in front of me started to move backward and forward. They were making a path. I could hear shouting and praises, then everyone before me spread their palms on the road. Some even put their coats on the ground too.  When all of a sudden, my heart almost burst with love for the man who was riding on the donkey.  It was Jesus! The Angels sang out, ” Hosanna in the Highest.”  They sang and we sang as Jesus rode His donkey past the tree with the pretty pink flowers. All of his disciples were there too! Soon, He got off and told us to gather around him. He sat on a rock that looked like a chair part way up the hill. We all sat around in a circle waiting for Him to tell his story.  The animals were quiet and everyone’s eyes were on the Man that we loved with our whole hearts.

First Jesus started with a prayer. I listened to every word, Gigi.  I kind of peeked up as He was praying, I could see all of our love for Him and His love for us floating all around. It looked so beautiful!

Jesus told us that He was riding into Jerusalem. As He went down the Mount of Olives, those who believed in Him started praising Him for the many things He did. Gigi, those things were called miracles.

Do you know what a miracle is Gigi? Please tell me in your next letter.

Jesus knew that it was time for everyone one to know that He was King and that He was our Savior. He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, just like His Mother, Mary rode to Bethlehem on the night He was born in a stable.

Then Jesus got very quiet and sad. He told us although He was with us and always would be, there were people who wanted to harm Him. He told us that someone betrayed him. I think his name was Judas Iscariot. Jesus stopped there and told us that He would continue His story in a few days.  Jesus saw us crying and put His hand up. As we looked at Him, He told us not to be sad.

Gigi, I am glad that Jesus rode that little donkey into Jerusalem. I am glad He wanted everyone to know that He was King and I am glad that He will be our Lord and Savior forever.

Gigi, Jesus wants everyone to know that He is still in charge. He knows that there is a lot of sadness on earth and that a lot of people are afraid. Please do not fear for He is always with you. I am just a little boy but I can see how much He cares.  Help others to see the truth through kind words, accepting those who are different, help to carry other’s burdens and above all, forgive and love.  He wants you to spread the love.

 Gigi, I am really tired. I had such a busy day. Please tell my mother and brother, that I am fine. Tell them that I miss them but I am happy in Heaven.  Write soon, Gigi!

Love you so much,



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