Skyler and the Good Friday Letter

July 1, 2016, was a glorious day. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the clouds drifted softly across the horizon.  It was the day that Skyler James was born. It was a happy day, a day filled with joy. Little did we know that on July 29, 2016, our little Skyler would take his journey to Heaven. It was a sad day, a terrible day, a day filled with tears, a day we would never forget.

This is the eleventh letter in the Skyler series. It is a special letter about Good Friday as seen through the eyes of a little boy in Heaven.  It is my hope that Skyler’s Letters will bring hope to all that read them.

Dear Gigi,

Today was a different kind of day.   Gabriel blew his horn just like he did on Palm Sunday and everyone hurried to the story hill. Do you remember me telling you that, that is where we go to listen to stories and lessons from Jesus?

Everyone in Heaven gathered at the hill. All the Angels were there including the Archangels. They asked us to sit down around the bottom of the story hill. All the animals were there too. We were mixed together. Gigi, all the animals are gentle and never hurt anyone.

Everyone was quiet as we waited for Jesus to come and talk to us.  We waited a little longer when all of a sudden, Jesus’ mother walked past the tree with the pretty flowers, climbed up the hill, and sat on the rock that looked like a chair.

 Mary told us that Jesus would be with us soon. She also told us that we would see things and hear things that might scare us but to hold on to our love for Jesus and remember His pure love for all.  Then two Angels took Mary by her hand and together they walked down the hill, past the tree with the pretty flowers.

Do you remember when I told you that God can do anything?  He can change day-to-night.  Gigi, He can even do miracles and so can His son Jesus.

It was a Thursday afternoon as we waited for Jesus.  The sun was warm and bright when all of a sudden, the sky became a little dark.  Jesus was with His twelve disciples.  They were going to eat a meal together.  Jesus called this meal, the Lord’s Supper. I looked up and an Angel gave me a small piece of bread and told me to hold it in my hand until Jesus was ready.  I listened and watched as Jesus tore a piece of bread and gave it to each of the men. Then he prayed. I heard Him say, ” Take and eat it for this is my body.”   I looked up and my Angel nodded her head, ate her piece of bread, so I ate mine.  Then the Angel gave me a little cup with purple juice in it.  I held it in my hand and waited.  Jesus took His cup, then held it up and said, ”  This is my blood I shed for you.” He drank from the cup then passed it to the man next to Him.  As they drank from Jesus’ cup, I drank from mine.  Then they all went outside. Jesus walked up the story hill and prayed while His twelve friends waited. Do you know He prayed three times?

Jesus and some of His friends were talking when one of the disciples walked up and kissed Him on the cheek.  His name was Judas Iscariot and he betrayed Jesus. Right before my eyes, many men rushed out and took Him away. I started to cry. Where were they taking Him?

Suddenly everything changed, Jesus was in a house. There was shouting and more shouting! I did not understand what was happening. The Angels said that Jesus was found guilty.  Gigi, these men did not understand who Jesus was. I think they were afraid to learn the truth.  Then Jesus was handed over to Pilate. He was the Roman governor who asked a lot of questions.  I guess he did not like the answers because this is where it gets really sad. Gigi, I mean really, really sad.

Suddenly, it was a bright sunny day, with blue skies and clouds everywhere.  The Angels announced that it was Friday.   A man was whipping Jesus. I could hear the whip hitting Him. Each time the whip went up, I held my breath, Each time the whip touched His body, I cried. We all did. Even the animals whimpered for the Man they loved.  Then, they fun made of Him and tore his clothes.  Gigi my heart broke when they put a crown on His head. It did not look like a crown a King would wear. It was a crown that had thorns. It must have hurt His head. I wanted to yell, ” Put the crown on my head. Please put the crown on me!” My angel sat down and held me on her lap.  She hugged me as I prayed for my Jesus.

Soon a man carried a really big wooden cross and I could not believe what I saw. Gigi, they put Jesus on the cross and hammered a nail in each of His hands. Then they hammered a long nail into his feet.   Did you know they even broke his legs? I could not believe my eyes.  Once again, I  felt my heart breaking.  How could they do this to my Jesus?

As they were pulling the cross up one of the soldiers took his sword and pushed it into Jesus. It was on the lower side of His stomach. Everyone was sobbing. Then I looked up and saw Mary, His mother, and my heart broke again. She was crying so hard for her son. Jesus cried out to His Father, ” My God, why have you abandoned me?”

Then the sky turned dark and it was only noon.  It was dark for three hours. The ground shook and the thunder clapped. It really scared me. Soon, it stopped and Jesus said, “Father! In your hands, I place my spirit!”  And then He died.

Many people who did not believe in Him had changed their minds. They finally believed that He was a King.  Why couldn’t they believe that before? Jesus did many miracles. He helped people. He made a man come back to life after he died. He made a blind person see again. Gigi, I could go on and on about the wonderful miracles  He did.  And what about the love that floated from His heart to everyone He met! Why couldn’t they trust Him? Why couldn’t they believe in Him? He suffered for us.   Gigi, watched as they took Him off the cross. I heard Mary’s cries. I watched as they carried Him to His tomb. My eyes felt tired and my heart kept breaking. Just that quickly the sky was blue again and I felt hope shimmering all around me. My heart was calm. I knew everything would be okay.

The Angels walked up the story hill and looked our way. I felt their love meandering down the hill. They told us that we would meet at the hill on Sunday morning.  Then, I heard Gabriel blow his horn and the lesson was over.  I miss you, Gigi. I kissed your cheek this morning as you were looking up at the sun. Please give my brother, Preston a big hug from me. Tell him that I love him.  Tell him to love Jesus.







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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful but sad story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Skylar. May Skylar and all the other precious children in heaven enjoy Easter Sunday.


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