Skyler’s Easter Message

Easter; the day Jesus was resurrected; the day He triumphed over death, the day He was able to send the Holy Spirit to continue  His work on earth and the day He gave us all a living hope. Thank you, Jesus, for loving us, forgiving us and showing us Your mercy and compassion.

Skyler James was born on July 1, 2016. He was a darling little baby with blue eyes and a smile that tickled our hearts.  On July 29, 2016,  Skyler took his trip to Heaven where the Angels look after him.  This is the eleventh in a series of letters in which Skyler gives us a glimpse of Heaven and the lessons he learns. It is my hope that his letters will bring you peace, hope, compassion and above all love.

Dear Gigi,

Something wonderful happened this morning! Gabriel blew his horn and we all hurried over to the story hill. It was dark when we went. We sat at the bottom of the hill. Even the animals were with us. Some of the Angels were sitting with us but many were standing on the sides of the hill.  Gabriel blew his horn again just as the sun was starting to rise.  Gigi, you will not believe what happened next! The Angels flew up and over the mountain. Then they started to sing. As they were singing, Jesus appeared at the top of the mountain.  We all cheered and threw him kisses. Everyone was so happy to see Him. He told us He would never leave us again.  We were all so happy to have our Jesus Home. He told us that He brought a Helper with him.  His Helper’s name is the Holy Spirit. His job is to live in the hearts of everyone on earth. Do you know him? He will help you when you are sad or need a little help. Gigi, do you know what is so amazing? Jesus was healed and made whole. Even though the men were mean and whipped Him, and made him wear that awful crown of thorns, He still forgave them.  Everyone needs to forgive those that have hurt them. No one is angry in Heaven. No one is mean in Heaven and no one will hurt you in Heaven.

I sat on His lap today and hugged him with both of my arms. I kissed Him on His cheek and He kissed me on mine.  Jesus looked in my eyes and I saw the love He had for me. The love that He has for everyone.  I love Him so much!  Gigi, do you love Jesus?

Do you remember when I told you that Jesus wanted us to experience everything that the boys and girls do on earth?  Well, guess what?  When we walked back to the park, there were baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, colored eggs and something called jelly beans! I liked the red ones.  Then, the Angels called us over and gave us another basket but it was empty. They told us to run and find the eggs. I ran as fast as I could.  The eggs were hiding everywhere! I even found some by the Rainbow Bridge.  It was a great day!

Gigi, when Jesus hugged me, He whispered in my ear and this is what He said, ” Do not fear for I am always with you.”  Please tell everyone, Gigi. It is important.

One more thing, tell my brother, Preston, that I am always with him. I live in his heart. I run with him, I play with him, I tickle his nose, I laugh with him and I cry with him but most of all, I love him.  Jesus said that today was Easter Sunday, so Happy Easter Gigi!  Love you!


Dear Skyler

Thank you for writing your Palm Sunday and Good Friday letters.  I loved reading them. It filled my heart with love for Jesus as He rode the little donkey into Jerusalem. I loved how you put your palm branch down on the road. It felt like I was right beside you.  The Good Friday Letter filled my heart with sadness for Jesus who was betrayed and crucified. I cried when you cried for the Man who wore the crown of thorns. How sad that our Jesus had to suffer so much pain.

It is Sunday, Easter Sunday, a new day, a glorious day, a day filled with hope.  It was the day the tomb was empty.  The day Jesus rose from the dead.  Skyler, Jesus died so our sins would be forgiven.  I am glad He sent the Holy Spirit to live in our hearts.  Yes, Skyler, I love Jesus very much!

Wow, you sat on His lap and hugged and kissed His cheek! How sweet my dear.

The Easter bunny came to my house. He brought Preston a basket filled with bunnies and peanut butter eggs. He even brought him a kite. Maybe when he flies it, you will see it from Heaven.  We had a delicious dinner. You Pop-pop was here and so was your uncle Michael and aunt Kristi. They all miss you very much.

It was warm today, the flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are getting their buds. Some trees already have their flowers. Everything is new. Spring is a time for rebirth. There are baby bunnies hopping around the yard and birds singing their beautiful songs.  I wish you were here with us.  I wish I could hug and kiss your cheeks.  I wish the Easter Bunny would have brought you a pretty basket.  But as much as I miss you, I know that you are happy in Heaven with Jesus and the Angels.  Happy Easter dear Skyler!  I love you from here to Heaven and back.

One more thing; I will tell everyone the message from Jesus.  ” Do Not Fear, For I Am Aways With You.”


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