Minestrone for the Heart

Minestrone is an Italian soup filled with a variety of vegetables¬†and ditalini noodles. Some like to add meat as well to this delicious soup. You can order it in any Italian restaurant or make it at home. It is great served with crusty bread and a glass of your favorite wine. Delizioso! This is whereContinue reading “Minestrone for the Heart”

In the Midst of the Breeze

On any given day, there is a breeze blowing somewhere. Sometimes the breeze is cool, sometimes the breeze is warm, and sometimes the breeze is down right hot or cold. ¬†Sometimes the breeze catches our breath and takes us back to another time, a happy time, and sometimes the breeze brings tears to our eyesContinue reading “In the Midst of the Breeze”

Our Special Angels

This is a special story about the men and women who work in schools, doctors offices, hospitals, and clinics. I have always had the deepest respect and admiration for all nurses but it was not until I took my brother-in-law for a procedure that I got the whole picture. So, please settle in and takeContinue reading “Our Special Angels”