Skyler and the Special Promise

   July 1, 2016, was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining, the sky was a shade of blue that made your heart skip a beat, and the birds sang some mighty pretty songs.  I believe nature was celebrating the birth of a special little baby, named Skyler James.  Skyler was a beautiful little baby boy with ten fingers and ten little toes.  His smiled welcomed everyone who laid eyes on him. He was perfect.  Little did we know that on July 29th, this precious little angel would make his journey to Heaven.

    Skyler was my great-grandson. I miss him. His family misses him.  Writing letters to him in Heaven has helped me cope with his death.

   This letter is the twelfth in the Skyler series. I hope that my words will bring you peace and understanding, but most of all, love.

Dear Skyler,

    How are you? I miss you so much.  It’s June, and the weather is hot and humid.  The flowers and leaves on the trees are thirsty and hoping for a little rain to quench their thirst.

    I made something special for you. Among my flowers sits a beautiful little angel holding a butterfly with a blue truck on one side of her and a yellow truck on the other side.  In the middle is a piece of slate with a very special message.

   Although I put things on your grave and talk to you, I wanted a place near me that belonged to you. A place where I could say, “Good morning, Skyler!”  A place where I could tell you about the butterflies that flutter from flower to flower and the beautiful birds that sing sweet songs.  A place where I could say a prayer anytime I wanted to. A place where I could tell you all about your Pop-pop. A place where I could say, ” Goodnight, my sweetheart.”  A place where I could thank Jesus for creating you in your mother’s womb and for giving us twenty-nine days of pure love.

   Your brother, Preston, just finished second grade. He made the honor roll. I am so proud of his hard work. Preston likes to read. In fact, we are going to the bookstore to buy; Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Preston is a wonderful boy who has a smile so bright that it melts the heart of everyone who knows him and loves him.

    Skyler, tell me more about Heaven. Has Jesus told you any new stories? Thank you, my dear sweet great-grandson, for teaching me how much Jesus loves each one of us. I cannot wait to receive your letter! I love you, Skyler!


Dear Gigi,

     How are you? I love the blue truck that you put by my white angel. Have you noticed that it is moved just a little bit each day? That’s me! I play with it when you are sleeping. I hear you in the morning when you walk in your garden. I listen to you in the evening when you are pulling the weeds. Sometimes I hear you humming. I like that.  Most of all, I hear your prayers, and so does Jesus. He hears everyone’s prayers. Sometimes He smiles, and sometimes He cries.  Gigi, please tell everyone that Jesus really does answer prayers! Jesus answers in three ways; “Yes.”  “Wait.” “No, I have something better planned for you.”  Just listen, and you will hear His voice.

    Three days ago, Gabriel blew his horn really loud! When we hear the horn, we know it is time to go to the story hill and get ready for a new lesson. Jesus tells the best stories! My new friend, Ben and  I hurried over to the hill and found two really good places to sit.

     Gigi, something beautiful always happens as Jesus gets closer to the story hill. The birds sound like a beautiful choir. Every animal that God created walks side by side with the children to hear the story.

     Soon Jesus put His hand in the air, and everyone quieted down.  The story was about to begin.

   “Today, my children, I have a special story to tell you. A  story about faith, love, listening to God, obeying his word, and a promise.”  Jesus continued, ” My Father was angry because of the wickedness and hate in the world. He wanted to destroy the evil people and start over again.

   God knew what He had to do. He knew that there was only one good man on the whole earth who had great faith and love for Him.

   One day, a man named Noah heard a voice calling to him. Although he was frightened, Noah listened to God’s message. God told Noah to build a very big boat called an ark. Big enough to hold a male and female of every animal on earth. The ark also had to be big enough to hold Noah’s family and all the food for everyone. Noah and his sons worked hard to cut the wood and build the ark.  When they were finished, they gathered the animals. Everybody helped!

   They just finished when the rains came. It rained for forty days and nights.  Noah and his family were safe. The animals were safe. The water flooded the whole earth, and every person and every animal died because the flood lasted for one hundred and fifty days.

   When the flood was over, the ark rested on top of a big mountain. God spoke to Noah again and made a covenant with him. He told Noah that He would never again destroy the earth by a flood. He sealed His promise by placing a rainbow of many colors in the sky.”

     Gigi, I loved the story! I do not understand why some people have to hate others. I do not know why people have to do bad things. God and His son are all about love, compassion, mercy, grace, and forgiveness.

      Please tell everyone that they are loved! Tell them to do the best they can be, and if they make a mistake, just say, ” I’m sorry and mean it! Ask Him for forgiveness. I promise that He will forgive you! Love is always the answer!” Have to go, Gigi! Ben and I are going to the Rainbow Bridge to bring a little kitten over to her new home.  I love you very much!


   ” I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in the darkness but will have the Light of life.”



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