The Day Our Hearts Broke

Today is Saturday, July 29, 2017.  Today is the day our precious Skyler took his journey to Heaven. Today is the day our hearts broke and tears fell like a torrential rain storm.  Skyler is my great-grandson who stole my heart from the start. It is my hope that my words will bring all who read our letters peace, hope and love.

Dear Skyler,

It has been 365 days since you took your journey to Heaven.  I have missed your smile every day. So many things have changed since you left us that I do not even know where to start. First, your brother, Preston, is getting so big! He is eight years old with thick brown hair and bright brown eyes.  Preston loves his little dog, Pluto, playing his games and cars. He just started taking golf lessons and did a wonderful job.  In a few weeks, your brother will begin a new school year. He will be in third grade. Oh, Skyler, Preston is so smart.  Did I tell you that he loves outside birds, squirrels and has the best smile?  When I pick him up we always go by the cemetery where you are buried. Preston looks out the window and says, ” Hi, Skyler! It’s your brother, Preston.”  Each time I hear him say that my heart feels sad.  He misses you so much.  I can only imagine the fun you two would have had. Preston would have been the best big brother, reading to you, playing with you, crawling alongside you, making you laugh, and hugging you when you cried.

When I think of you, I can almost see you walking around my furniture, just about ready to take off, but not quite sure if you should.  I picture a little fellow dressed in shorts and a summer top sitting on his mother’s lap taking in everything that is going on around him.  I believe that you would have loved music and your mommy and daddy.  I close my eyes and see you in your grandfather’s arms loving the water in his pool, and not wanting to get out.  I can imagine your eyes growing big as saucers as you taste chocolate ice cream and I smile to myself, as I know you probably would have had a messy face.  If I listen carefully, I can almost hear your voice trying to talk to each one of us like a one-year-old would.   Three hundred sixty-five days of wondering what life would have been like to hold you close to my heart, to giggle with you, and to kiss you on every inch of your face.   Do you ever catch the kisses I blow to you in Heaven?

As much as I miss you and always will, I draw comfort from knowing that you are with Jesus.  I know that you are happy in your new home and that the Angels are taking good care of you.   I love you, my sweet boy, and always will.

Forever and ever,  Gigi

Dear Gigi,

Today was a special day for me and everyone that came to Heaven on July 29th.  Gigi, did you know that when the Angels came to Mommy’s house to take me to Heaven,  they were not alone? Jesus picked me up, kissed me and handed me to an Angel, then we started our journey.  I met many people on my journey that night. There was a very old man, another little baby like me, a teenager, and a grandmother. Jesus led the way to Heaven.  When we got there, Jesus and the Angels left to bring other souls home.  I love it here, Gigi.  Heaven is beautiful and everyone is nice.  No one is sick, no one cries and everyone who could not walk can walk, everyone who could not hear can hear the tiniest sound.  And listen to this Gigi, those who could not see can see everything, even the smallest lady bug. There is no hate, no fighting, no jealousy, and no bullying.  When I was on earth, I could feel your love.  I could feel everybody’s love.  That did not change.  Now, I feel your love and the love of my family in Heaven.  Do you remember when you were reading outside on your glider and your cheek felt a little funny?  That was me! I kissed you on your cheek.  Gigi, I am always with you, Mommy, Daddy, Preston, Nana, Zach, and Pop-pop.  Each time you think of me I am nearby. Each time you see a butterfly, I am close.

This morning we were all at the Story Hill to listen to Jesus tell a short story, it went like this;  I am always with you. I knew you in your mother’s womb where I numbered the days of your life.  Wherever you go, I am with you.  I will always love you.  Gigi, Jesus is the best.  Someday, I will see you and everyone I left behind. But for now, I want you to know that I feel your love and that I am happy.  Will you tell my brother that I was with him when he made pancakes with Mommy and when he hit the ball with the golf club? Tell him that I miss him and love him very much.  One more thing, I catch your kisses every day.  Love you, Gigi!









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