Skyler and the Golden Thread that Binds

Today is August 29, 2017. Thirteen months ago, my precious little great-grandson Skyler took his beautiful journey to Heaven. He was twenty-nine days old when Jesus and the Angels held him in their arms and took him to his new home, where everything is beautiful and there is no pain. A place filled with peace and love for all. We miss our little Skyler with the light brown hair and sparkly blue eyes but know that he is healthy, happy, and looked after by loved ones that have gone on before him. This is the eighteenth letter in the Skyler’s Letter series. It is my hope that these letters will bring hope, peace, and love to all that read them.

Dear Skyler,                                                                                                                                             How are you, my little sweetheart?  I am doing well but miss you very much. School started yesterday for your brother Preston.  I cannot believe that he is in the third grade. Preston is doing well with his golf lessons. He had a fun summer, and loved swimming and playing with his friends. Of course, we know how much he loves his little dog, Pluto. Preston races with Pluto up, down and all around his yard.  They love to snuggle while Preston watches his favorite shows on the television.

One day when I was taking Preston to his golf lesson, he asked me why people are always fighting. He asked me why the color of people’s skin, the country they come from and the way some think, make other people upset.  Then, he said something that touched my heart. As Preston looked out the car window, he asked, “Gigi, why can’t we just love each other? It shouldn’t matter what we look like or how we think.  At that very moment, I wanted to give your brother a big hug and kiss. At that moment I saw a little boy with a big heart who cared for everyone he met. Unfortunately, we arrived at his golf lesson before we could discuss his question. However, I am hoping you can help me to help him understand what is happening, and how we can make a difference every day with those we meet.

Today was a rainy cool day. Although I miss you every day, when the weather is gray, I miss you more, and long to hold you close to my heart. I long to hear your voice, give you butterfly kisses, and look in your beautiful eyes. I long to read books to you, sing to you, and dance with you. I long to take walks with you and point out the birds saying, ” Listen. Do you hear the birds singing their beautiful songs?” I long for everything that I am missing, and I am missing you more than words can say.  From my heart to your heart, our connection is sealed.  My love for you is deeper than the ocean.


Dear Gigi,                                                                                                                                                  I am so happy that you wrote another letter to me. Jesus reads your letters to everyone! Each time a letter comes, Gabriel blows his horn, and we all go to the Story Hill.  Today when Jesus read your letter, He stopped and started to cry. When He cries, I cry. Everyone cries including the Angels.  Gigi, Jesus sobbed when he read the question that Preston asked.  He knows everything that happens everywhere! Jesus sees what is happening on Earth. He prays to His Father, God, for peace for all people.  Jesus knows about the bitterness that people have in their hearts toward others who are different. It hurts Him, Gigi. It breaks His heart knowing that some people judge others by the color of their skin, or if they think differently.  Guess what Gigi? Jesus will never give up on anyone.  He waits every day to hear the prayers from everyone on earth. And I do mean everyone. Jesus is patient and so loving. He is forgiving to all those who do not have a nice heart or who have done something wrong. He will forgive you if you ask him to and if you are truly sorry for what you have done. Jesus is love.  When He walks around Heaven, or when He and the Angels bring new souls to Heaven there is a golden glow that warms the hearts of everyone here. That glow is like a thread that outlines the love that flows from His heart to ours.  Gigi, please tell everyone how much they are loved. Jesus wants you all, to accept others because God created each person in His likeness. We all have hearts that beat and brains to think with, we all cry when we are sad and laugh when we are happy.  Love is the golden thread that binds each of us to Jesus and God.  He is waiting to hear your prayers.

Please tell my brother, that I was with him each time he hit the golf ball. I heard the swoosh of the ball as it flew in the air. I am with him when he plays with Pluto, swims with his friends and I was stood by him as he waited for his school bus. I love my brother and always will.  Tell Mommy that I know she misses me but I am there each morning when she wakes up. I kiss her on her cheek.  I am with Pop-pop when he sits at his desk.  I laugh when he swats at his cheek. I think he thinks it is a little bug on his face. It is really me kissing his forehead. I love you Pop-pop.  I see Nana when she is working and my daddy when he is sleeping.  Gigi, I am with you every time you walk. I walk right beside you. I hear the birds singing and see your smile when you look up toward the clouds. I see you waving and wave back. I sit by you when you read and kneel beside you when you pray by your bed.  I miss you all and love you more than you know.   Love you so much, Gigi!                                                                                                                                          Skyler










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  1. Such a touching conversation with Skyler. We all need to be more kind and loving towards people. I love reading your letters to Skyler.


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