Skyler and the Special Message

Today is September 29th, 2017.  It has been thirteen months since our Skyler James made his journey to heaven.  From the day Skyler was born, he filled our hearts with joy and an unmeasurable love that will remain with us until we take our last breath. This is the nineteenth letter in the Skyler series. It is my hope that these letters will bring you peace, hope, and love.

Dear Skyler,

I miss your soft blue eyes and sweet smile. I miss everything about you.  Each day when I get up and look out the window, I always whisper, “Good morning sweet angel.”  There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not think of you.  I love you, my sweetheart, and always will.

We are in a new season now, my dear. It is called fall or Autumn.  The air is cooling down and soon the leaves will be turning beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow.  Fall is my favorite season of the year. Do you have seasons in heaven?

Skyler, since my last letter, so many sad things have happened here on earth.  Hurricanes and earthquakes have caused a lot of damage. Many families have lost their homes and just about everything they owned. Some people have died due to the bad storms. Everyone is sad.  Please ask God to bless and help all those that need help.

Skyler, did you know that your brother, Preston is in third grade? Did you know that he likes to cook? He loves to make pancakes and banana bread.  Preston is quite the chef! And did you know that he loves to learn about history and fractions?  I am very proud of your brother.

I have something very special to share with you.  Something that will make you happy.  Are you ready to hear the wonderful news?

Skyler, you have a new little brother! His name is Carson James. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Oh, what an adorable little baby. We love him very much! Just as much we love you. Love never dies, honey.  Preston loves to hold him. He is gentle with his brother. We can see how much he loves him. He told me that he has two brothers. One who lives in heaven and one who lives with him.  How sweet is that?

I will write soon, honey. Just remember how much I love you.


Dear Gigi,

I love you too!  I am with you every day. Sometimes I kiss your cheek while you are sleeping. Sometimes I am with you when you are taking your walk. I like the music you listen to.  Gigi, I hear you say good morning to me every day.

A few weeks ago, Gabriel blew his horn really loud.  We all hurried over to the Story Hill. Jesus was waiting for us. He showed us what was happening on earth. I saw the heavy rain and the wind blowing so hard that many homes disappeared. Jesus also showed us the earthquake that shook Mexico.  He even made heaven shake so we would know how it felt. I looked up and saw Jesus crying as he watched the winds blow and the rain come down hard. It rained and rained. Gigi, Jesus loves all of you so much. He wants to help everyone on earth like he helps us in heaven.  Remember that God, Jesus’ Father, created everything and it breaks his heart when his creations are destroyed.  Please tell everyone that he is always with them. Tell them to keep praying. He sees everything. Jesus knows what has happened in Puerto Rico. Let them know that he is with them and not to give up. Keep praying. I promise Gigi, he does hear everyone’s prayers. He wants you to know that he is only a prayer away.  Jesus told us how happy he was to see people helping people. You know he sees our hearts. He knows everything. Gigi, when Jesus cries, we all cry with him; even the angels.  Tell everyone to keep helping all those who are in need.  That is what Jesus wants.  That is what you are all supposed to do.

I love my brother, Preston and I love my new brother Carson. I was with Mommy at the hospital. I was there when my little brother was born. I kissed my mommy on the cheek. The angels were there too. Don’t tell anyone, but watching the babies being born is one of the angel’s favorite things to do. Each angel gives the new baby a kiss on their forehead. Gabriel blows his horn every time a new baby is born too. If you listen closely, you can hear shouts of joy coming from heaven.

Preston is getting tall and strong. I am with him when he waits for the bus, sitting at his school desk, and when he makes pancakes.  I love him.

Gigi, I need to go to the Rainbow Bridge. A new dog and cat will be crossing soon.  I love you. One more thing;  when it is fall, Jesus creates a fall for us in heaven. He wants us to have everything you have on earth. Remember he can do anything.





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