Skyler and the Harvest Message

 Today is October 29, 2017.  Fifteen months ago, my great-grandson Skyler made his journey to heaven. He was born on July 1, 2016. It was a warm summer’s day with a deep blue sky and not a cloud in sight. The birds were singing as if they knew something wonderful was about to happen to our family.  That something wonderful was Skyler.  Oh, what a wonderful little boy, who touched our hearts the moment our eyes met his. Little did we know that our little fellow would leave us twenty-nine days later.  Little did we know just how much we would grow to love a precious little baby who warmed our hearts and filled us with a happiness beyond words.  And little did we know how much we would miss his smile, his coo, and his deep blue eyes.  Skyler died on July 29, 2016.  Our hearts would never be the same.

This is the twentieth letter in the Skyler series. It is my hope that my words will bring peace, hope, and love to all who read them.

Dear Skyler,

It is has been fifteen months since you took your journey to heaven, and my dear, I miss you more with each passing day.  Skyler, how are you?  I am doing well and enjoying our nice Autumn weather.  Autumn, the time of year when the weather turns a little cooler and the leaves turn pretty shades of red, orange, and yellow. As the leaves fall they cover everything. I love to walk through the leaves and breathe the fresh cool air.

The farmers are really busy this time of year. They are harvesting all the crops they planted in the spring. Harvest means to gather everything that was planted.  Skyler, another name for Autumn is fall. October is a big month for orange pumpkins, cornstalks, scarecrows, and beautiful flowers called, mums.  It is also a time when children get dressed up in cute costumes and go Trick or Treating for candy. You would love that! Last year your brother was dressed as a turtle. I think you would look sweet dressed like a little puppy.

Have you been to the Rainbow Bridge lately?  Tell me about the animals you meet.  Do all the birds come to heaven? I love cardinals. They are my favorite. Do you see them in heaven?  Have you been to the Story Hill lately?  Well my dear, always, remember how much I love you.  Sending hugs and kisses your way.




Dear Gigi,

I am doing well in heaven. Each day I go to the Rainbow Bridge and bring new animals to heaven. Sometimes I go back and forth many times a day. Yesterday, I brought a black and white cat and a little puppy named Skippy over the bridge. It is amazing how loving Skippy was to his new friend, Ella.  Gigi, I need to ask you a question. Why do some people treat their pets like they don’t matter?  They do matter! Every breathing animal, bird, or sea life matters. Jesus loves them all and so do I.

Yesterday afternoon, I brought a horse named Sammy over. He was a beautiful black horse.  His owner on earth was not nice to him. As soon as he crossed and put his hoof on the green grass, he was happy. Sammy changed right in front of my eyes. He was healed, he could run again and was not of afraid of anything. Sammy knew he would always be safe. He knew he was loved.

Gigi, Jesus cries when people and animals are being abused on earth. I do not understand why people are mean.  People are meant to be loved and so is every living thing on earth. Gigi, there are many, many birds in heaven. Every bird that God created crosses the Rainbow Bridge when they die. They are beautiful!

Two days ago, Gabriel, blew his horn and we all went to the Story Hill to hear a lesson from Jesus.  Do you remember when I told you that Jesus wanted us to experience everything that you experience on earth? Well, as my angel and I were walking, I noticed that the heavenly trees that always had green leaves looked different.  Each tree turned red, orange, and yellow. Just like the trees on earth.  It was neat!

Jesus was waiting for us at the Story Hill.  The Hill was beautiful! There were pumpkins everywhere!  After we all sat down, Jesus raised his hand to quiet us down. The air got a little cooler just like on earth. It felt like fall.

Jesus told us a story about love, helping others and being kind. He told us that we are all created in his Father’s image. Gigi, God is pure love. Just like Jesus.  He told us that when we reach out to others, we must accept them no matter what, forgive them when they hurt us, and help others. Did you know when we do those things we are really doing his work?  Jesus told us that we should all be his hands and feet.  He loves us so much. Jesus taught us to treat others the way we want to be treated.  It makes him happy when we show kindness, respect, and love to all.  Will you tell every one Gigi?  Also, when you do something wrong, just tell him you are sorry and really mean it. He will forgive you.  That is how Jesus works.  And please tell everyone to take care of their pets and all animals. They just want to be loved.

 I sit on my favorite cloud every day and look down at the earth. I see the farmers working hard in their fields bringing in all their crops.  Earth is beautiful from heaven!

I waved to you, Gigi. Were you looking? I love you very much. Please tell my Pop-pop that I miss him. Tell him not to work so hard.  I was with you and Preston when you ate Chinese food. I heard my brother laughing. I saw how much you love him.  I am around Mommy when she is taking care of my new brother Carson.  Please tell them to look up and wave and I will wave back.  I love my earthly family but am happy in heaven.

Gabriel just blew his horn again! Can’t wait to hear a new story!  Love you bunches, Gigi!


























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  1. My favorite part of the story is that readers can imagine their loved ones sitting on a cloud looking over them. It gives comfort to those who lost someone near and dear to their hearts.

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