Skyler’s Letter; Tears From Heaven

Today is November 29, 2017. Sixteen months ago, my precious great-grandson made his journey to heaven. His name was Skyler and he was only twenty-nine days old. This is my twenty-first letter to Skyler.  I originally started journaling to help me with the grief I was feeling. However, the more I journaled the more I wanted to shareContinue reading “Skyler’s Letter; Tears From Heaven”

I’ll Love You Forever and a Day

I’ll love you in the good times. I’ll love you in the bad times. And, I’ll love you in all the in-between times. This is a story about the love of a grandmother for her grandson struggling with mental illness. But, before we get to the diagnosis, we have to start this story from theContinue reading “I’ll Love You Forever and a Day”

The Gang on the Corner

I love to take walks after dinner. It is my time to unwind, think things through, and just enjoy my little town.  A few weeks ago, I had the most unusual experience. One that ruffled my feathers so to speak. As I was walking down a popular street in town, I noticed a group of peculiarlyContinue reading “The Gang on the Corner”