Skyler and the Star of Bethlehem

Seventeen months ago, my great-grandson Skyler made his journey to heaven. Skyler was born on July 1, 2016. He was a beautiful baby boy with the dark blue eyes and light hair. We loved him dearly and miss him more with each passing day.  After Skyler passed, I started writing letters to our precious little one.  Writing to him helped me deal with the grief I was feeling. It is my hope that Skyler’s Letters will bring all who read them, peace, and above all love.

Dear Skyler,

Please forgive me for not writing before Christmas. Sometimes grown-ups get busy and the hours and days fly by as quickly as a hummingbird flutters from flower to flower.  How are you? I miss you so much. When I decorated your little Christmas tree, I thought about the day you left and how sad we all were. Although I miss you dearly, I know that you are in heaven with loved ones and with Jesus.

Did you have a nice Christmas?  Your brothers had a wonderful time at Christmas. Preston misses you very much. He is happy to have a few days off from school. Carson is growing like a little weed. He has blue eyes and light hair. Carson smiles and loves his jumpy chair.

Skyler, did you go to the Rainbow Bridge on Christmas?  Please tell me about Christmas in heaven. I love you little one, more than you can imagine.



Dear Gigi,

Merry Christmas!  When I visited you, I heard people saying Merry Christmas. I heard it many times. So, I am saying it to everyone in heaven. On Christmas Eve, Mary came to visit me. She told me all about the birth of her little baby, Jesus.  Mary said that she rode a donkey into Bethlehem and gave birth to Jesus in a barn. She said that there wasn’t any room at the inn. Joseph was there too and so were all the animals. She told me that the Shepard boy came and that the Wise Man followed a really big star that was bright to the place where Baby Jesus was sleeping.

Then Jesus, the grown-up one, walked through heaven and went to the Story Hill.  Gabriel blew his horn, and we all ran to the Hill. We love it when Jesus tells us a story.  He started by raising his hand, bowing his head and prayed a Christmas prayer.     This is what Jesus prayed;

Dear Father, on this night, when I was born, I ask for peace. Fill the hearts of all people everywhere on earth with love, compassion, hope, and forgiveness.  Instill in their hearts to look up and follow the star of Bethlehem.  Amen

Gigi, then he shared the whole story about his mother, Mary, and his father, Joseph. He told us about the journey they took to get away from the bad King. I am so glad they were not hurt.  Jesus is wonderful, Gigi. The angels made a huge birthday cake for him. We all sang Happy Birthday too.  Did you know that he always sings to us on our birthdays?  I like that very much.

Christmas is beautiful in heaven. The birds fly on the spruce trees and it is so pretty. There are red ones, blue ones, and yellow ones. There are so many colors of everything in heaven.

I go to the Rainbow Bridge every day.  I brought a cat named, Socks over right before Christmas.  She is perfect! Socks made friends with Angel and Lucy.

Everyone celebrates Christmas in heaven.  The animals who were sick are well as soon as they cross over the bridge.  It is great Gigi!

I saw your trees, Gigi, they are so nice. I also saw my little tree. Thank you for always thinking of me. Tell my brothers I was with them on Christmas day. I am always with them.  Your right Gigi, time does fly. But in heaven time never ends for anything or anyone.  Someday, everyone will see how wonderful heaven is.

One more thing, please tell everyone that having peace in your heart is the start of something beautiful. When you have peace, you have love. When you have love, you can forgive.   I love you, Gigi!

Your angel,


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