Skyler and the Forgiving Heart

 January 29th has come and gone.  I don’t know why it has taken me so long to write this letter. Well, I might have an idea. The days leading up to the 29th were very cold with a mixture of snow, rain, and everything in between.   The 29th was a day that took a toll on my heart. A day that took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions and memories up and down the seventeen months since our precious Skyler made his journey to heaven.  Skyler was born on July 1, 2016. Little did we, his family know that twenty-nine days later our precious little boy would leave us. We miss him every day.

I hope Skyler’s message will fill your heart with peace and love.

Dear Skyler,

Hello, my sweetheart.  It is snowing here today and very cold.  The snow is wet and hangs onto the branches of the trees and bushes. It is so beautiful, Skyler. Especially when the sun peeks through and sparkles like diamonds on each snowflake.  Did you see the snow from heaven?

Skyler, I miss everything about you; your beautiful blue eyes, your blond hair, and your tiny fingers grasping at anyone tickling your tummy.  When I close my eyes, I can see your smile. A smile that tickles my heart and takes me back to the day I held you in my arms.  Most of all, I miss the memories we would have made, and the milestones you would have achieved in the seventeen months since you have been gone.

However, as much as I miss you, I know that your home in heaven is filled with love and happiness, laughter and giggles.  Skyler, your messages from heaven have touched my heart and opened my eyes to the pure love Jesus has for each one of us.  I will love you forever and a day.


Dear Gigi,

I have two new friends; Mark and Jenny  The angels brought Jenny first. She was very sick but is all better now. Jenny and I were sitting on the edge of a huge white cloud when we saw the angels bringing Mark. Mark was hurt in an accident. The angels waited until his mommy and daddy kissed him goodbye, then they put their arms around him and brought him to his new home.  Gigi, Mark met his great-grandfather and Jenny met her uncle. They are happy just like me.  In fact, our angels, Sophie, Luke and Rachel call us the Heavenly Trio.  Gigi, trio means three.

Mark, Jenny and I were sitting on the edge of my favorite cloud. We were waving to our families on earth when the snow started. Did you know that the snow starts way up in the sky? It felt cold on our hands but we stilled loved it.

We were having fun when Gabriel blew his horn.  We hurried over to the Story Hill and waited until everyone arrived. Gigi, I love the story hill! I love to listen to the angels tell us stories about heroes like Moses, Joshua, and Daniel in the Lions Den. Soon, my angel, Sophie touched her lips with her finger. That means I must be quiet. Then my heavenly Father walked up the little hill and sat down. When he smiles, my heart feels like he is tickling it.  I love him so much.

Then he looked up and I saw the tears jumping out of his eyes and running down his face.  We were all quiet and waited for him to start his story. Soon he wiped his eyes on the sleeve of his white robe and started his story. He told us that many people on earth are angry. Sometimes they are angry at a family member and sometimes they are angry with a friend. Jesus told us that when people are angry they say things that are not nice. He told us that angry words can hurt a person’s heart.  Then he told us that sometimes when someone does something bad, other’s get angry and do not want to be around them. Jesus shared that sometimes a person can carry the anger and hurt in their hearts for a long time. Sometimes the anger and hurt keep them from the people they love.

Gigi, Jesus wants you to tell everyone that the world is crying from all the anger and hurting hearts. He wants you to know that can all change if we just start to forgive those who have hurt us. If just one person, says I am sorry, it might lead to more people stepping up to forgive and that Gigi, would make Jesus happy. When we love Jesus, forgiving starts to become easier. It just takes one.  Please tell everyone that they are loved more than they will ever know. When we forgive others, he forgives us.  And Gigi, Jesus does not forgive us just once, but every time we make a mistake or get angry with our friends and family. Every time! We just need to say we are sorry and mean it. Jesus is always waiting to hear from all of you. Everyone one belongs to him. It does not matter where you live or if you are rich or poor, black or white or from different countries. Everyone belongs to him. He died on the cross so our sins would be forgiven.

Gigi, Jenny, and Mark are here and we want to go to our cloud and wave down to earth. Remember to look up and wave back. Please tell my brother Preston that I am always with him. Tell him I love him. Tell him I saw him riding his new skateboard and tell him that I am glad he has a new brother. Gigi, kiss Carson for me and tell him that I love him very much.

Love you, Gigi!







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