Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Tonight, as I took my walk, a walk that I have taken many, many times, something wonderful happened to me. Maybe it was the time of day, maybe it was the perfect walking temperature or the color of the blossoms on many of the trees and bushes I passed. Maybe it was the church hymns floating from the Moravian Church around the circle. Maybe it was the birds singing their songs in perfect harmony. Maybe it was a blessing sent from above to teach me about slowing down and enjoying what is right in front of me. Maybe it was a message reminding me that there is a time for everything.

My questions for you dear readers are; Why do we keep ourselves so busy that we often cannot see the beauty in front of our very eyes? Why do we feel that we can not waste one moment of our day?  And why do we insist on being so busy that we forget about the important things in our lives?

Sometimes, I have a tendency to forget about me.  Sometimes, I find myself so busy that I totally lose the concept of time. It happens when I am writing. It happens when I ask God to put me in a place of need.  It happens when I hear tears and fears.  Often, my heart goes into high gear and acts like a GPS, directing me to those who are hurting, hoping that a hug or a reassuring, “You’re going to be okay,”  will help take the hurt away. Sometimes, it seems like I am saying that a lot.

I am sure that many of you experience the crunch of time whether it is generated from work, family obligations, or helping others.  But like me, we need to find time to take care of ourselves.  Whether it is taking a walk, sitting on your front porch listening to the birds, praying, reading, music, art, whatever it takes to center us.

Tonight’s walk reminded me that what I did not finish today, can be accomplished tomorrow. It reminded me of the beauty of everything I  saw, heard, and breathed in. It reminded me that I am not in charge and cannot fix everything. It reminded me the importance of rest.  But most importantly, it reminded me to be thankful for the many blessings in my life no matter how big or small. It reminded me that God created twenty-four hours in a day for a reason. Tonight I learned a lesson. I like to call it a heart lesson.

There is an old saying that goes like this… Take time to smell the roses.  After my beautiful walk tonight, I intend to do just that.  How about you?



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