Skyler’s Special Message

This story is written in memory of Skyler James second birthday. He was born, July 1, 2016.   I know that he is celebrating with his Great Pop-pop and all the angels in heaven. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Skyler James was a beautiful baby boy whose smile reminded one of a tender butterfly fluttering from flower to flower.  He fit perfectly in the crook of your arm and his precious eyes made your heart do a little dance.  Skyler was perfect. His family loved him beyond words.  Twenty-nine days after his birth,  our sweet little guy took his journey to heaven.  No one is ever prepared to receive a phone call that would change their lives for forever and a day.  Skyler was my great-grandson. The Skyler Letters started out as a way of helping me with the grieving process.  Little did I know how the letters would change lives and bring peace, hope, compassion, and love to those who read them.  This is the twenty-fourth letter in the Skyler series. I look forward to writing more!  In this letter, Skyler surprises his Gigi, by writing a special letter,  a letter with an important message.  A message he hopes will make a difference in people’s hearts.  As you read Skyler’s words, remember,  life is a journey that takes us on many different paths. It is filled with ups and downs, laughs and tears, and happy and sad moments. Life is to be cherished, one minute at a time.

Dear Gigi,

Gigi, how are you? I am doing well in heaven and have many new friends. I have so much to share with you that I do not know where to start. First, I waved at you this morning when you were watering your flowers. Did you see the little white butterfly that flew by your head? That was me. I was saying, ” Good morning, Gigi!” Two days ago, my friend, Carlos and I were sitting on the edge of a small cloud, waving down to our families, when Jesus joined us.  He told us to look down and watch how everyone was running around here and there.  Jesus said to us that everyone seems to be in a hurry, many not enjoying the life that He planned for them. Some work long hours, some drive their cars way too fast, trying to get somewhere in record time and wait to you hear this Gigi, many forget about Him and His promises because they are too busy.  That makes me very sad.

Jesus hugged us, then, walked quietly back to His favorite place; a lake where the water is calm and the flowers are beautiful. Carlos and I looked back down from heaven. Jesus was right! The people on earth reminded us of little bees buzzing everywhere, going faster and faster until they could not buzz anymore.

Yesterday, Gabriel blew his horn really loud and really long.  We all went to the Story Hill and waited for Jesus. Soon, we saw Him walking down the path. Everyone got real quiet. Gigi, He is so wonderful. My heart always feels good when I see Him. Jesus sat on the round rock and smiled at us. One angel sat on one side of Him, and another angel sat on His other side.

Before Jesus started his story, He always tells us how much He loves us.  I love His stories, but my favorite part is when he says, ” I love you.”  Gigi, today Jesus taught us about the seasons. He showed us that there is a season for everything. Did you know that there is a season to cry?  When I made my journey to heaven, I heard everyone who loved me crying.  Then He told us about the season to laugh.  When we laugh, we can find joy in our hearts. Did you know that? I am happy when I hear my earthly family laughing.  Gigi, I know that everyone misses me and cried a lot when I left,  but I am okay.  I want them to have joy in their hearts. I want them to know I love them more than all the rainbows in the sky.

Jesus asked one of the angels, Agnes to hold up a brown clock. It was a huge clock. I liked the tick, tock, tick, tock sound that it made. Jesus told us that there are twenty-four hours in one day.  His father created time. Did you know that? Jesus’ Father created everything: the moon, the sun, the sky, the stars, everything Gigi!  Then Jesus got very quiet. He closed his eyes. He prays before He starts every story. I love that. When Jesus prays, everyone gets very quiet and bows their heads. Even the birds stop chirping until He is finished.

When Jesus looked up, He had a very sad look on his face. Once again, He looked out over the crowd who loved Him so much and told us that there is a time to work and play, and a time to rest. He also taught us that there is a season for everything under the sun. A time to be born, a time to die, a time to plant, and a time to harvest, a time to break down, and a time to build up. He taught us so much about time. Gigi, please tell everyone to slow down and enjoy each minute. Tell them to work but to play too.  Tell them to enjoy their families and make sure they kiss and hug them. And it is important that they say, ” I love you” to each person they care about and spend time with them. That is very important!  One more thing, remember to tell them to make time for God who created them and His son who loves them more than they could ever imagine. He even loves us when we make mistakes.

Today is my birthday.  The angels hung balloons on the trees and everyone sang, “Happy Birthday.”  Jesus held me on His lap and hugged me.  It was a good day in heaven. Tell my brother, Preston, that I saw him swing the golf club. Tell him, I am proud of him. Give Carson a hug and kiss from me. Tell them that sometimes I visit when they are sleeping. I give them butterfly kisses every day.  I love you, Gigi!







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