And the Angels Sang

Today is July 29, 2018. Two years ago, Skyler, my great-grandson made his journey to heaven. It was a devastating day for our family. Skyler was a healthy twenty-nine days old baby with the cutest smile that triggered waves of love that started in my heart and traveled to every inch of my body. He was perfect in every way and had all who met him wrapped around his tiny little finger. Skyler was pure love. Although I know that he is happy in heaven, I miss him and always will.

This is the twenty-sixth letter in the Skyler letters. I hope my words will bring peace, love, and a little glimpse of heaven as seen through the eyes of a child to each one of you.

Dear Gigi,

How are you? I am so excited. Today was an important day in heaven. First, it was a beautiful day. The trees were decorated with all the birds that live in heaven. There were red birds, blue birds, yellow birds, and every color that you could possibly think of.  Some of the trees had very big birds perched on them, and some trees had little birds swaying on the branches. They all sang their songs. It was wonderful.

Then, as I was listening to the birds, all the animals who live in heaven made a really big circle all around the trees. Gigi, there were big dogs, little dogs, grown-up cats, and kittens, deer, lions, giraffes, sheep, cows, zebras, elephants, turtles, monkeys, and even donkeys. All animals that die come to heaven! You would love them, Gigi!  Although I care about all the animals, my favorite is Angel. I helped her cross the bridge. She loves to bark, and play with all the other dogs. Tell Aunt Laurie and Uncle Lew that she is fine. As I was hugging Angel, I heard a sound that sounded like footsteps, many footsteps.

When I turned around, I saw a lot of people standing in another circle all around the animals. Some were old, and some were young.  An older lady with blue eyes walked up to me and bent down to pick me up. She hugged me, and I remembered who she was. Gigi, she was your mother. I felt so much love as she held me close to her heart. We stood cheek to cheek, and she pointed out the others. They blew me kisses.  I remembered them.  Then, my great-grandfather, Lambert walked over and took me in his arms. I loved his eyes. He held me tight, and I hugged his neck.

My great-grandfather whispered a sweet message in my ear. I will tell you later Gigi. I won’t forget.  Then, I heard a ruffling and looked up to the pink and purple sky. It was the angels. They made a circle around my loving heavenly family. The angels flapped their wings then sang a beautiful song with my name in it. It was a pretty song about the day I made my journey to heaven. I liked it. Nanny did too.

After the angels stopped singing, every bird, every animal, and all of my heavenly family got very quiet and stepped to the side to make room for a special man who we all knew.

It was Jesus. As he walked over to my great- grandfather, I held my arms out to Him. He smiled and held me in His arms, and walked up to the trees, then stood at the very top of the Story Hill. Jesus bowed his head and said a silent prayer then looked out over the crowd. He smiled and said, ” Two years ago, Skyler joined us in heaven. He is loved by everyone who sees him, and he spreads love to all those who are new to heaven. Skyler waits patiently by the flowered bridge for an animal ready to cross over. He loves every animal he meets. I watched as he sits on a cloud, and waves to his earthly family hoping to get their attention. He has a pure heart.

  When He was finished He gave me back to my great-grandfather. Then Jesus who glows of love said something I want to share with you.  Gigi, Jesus loves you, and everyone on earth. He is waiting for each person to invite Him into their hearts. I think they should Gigi. He is a great man, and we all love Him in heaven. Gigi, He knows that sometimes people on earth make mistakes. He wants you to know that it is never too late to say you are sorry.  Just remember, Gigi, that everyone and I mean everyone is important to Him.

I have to hurry because the angels are going to sing again.  Listen very carefully, Gigi, my great-grandfather wanted me to tell you that he loves and misses all of you. Tell Aunt Laurie, Uncle Michael, and my Pop-pop that he is proud of them. He sees how hard they work. Great-grandfather wants them to be happy and healthy. He visits them when they are working and when they are resting. Tell them to look for a butterfly.  One more thing Gigi, he wanted me to tell you that he misses you and will always love you.   Gotta go, Gigi, the angels are singing my song.

Love you,


PS: Tell my brothers that I visit them, and kisses them on their cheeks. Tell Mommy that I miss her very much. Tell Nana and Zach that I wave to them every day.





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  1. Such a beautiful story. I love this, as all your others. So heartfelt. Skyler is such a sweetheart. I enjoyed the part with the birds, animals. That’s me too. Thanks for sharing. You ate an inspiration. 💙

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