A Skyler Letter; Be Brave and Courageous

Skyler was my great-grandson. He was born on July 1, 2016. He was a beautiful baby boy with the sweetest smile and dark baby blue eyes that could melt an iceberg. Skyler was pure love. He was perfect. On July 29th, Skyler made his journey to heaven. He was twenty-nine days old.  We loved him and always will. I started writing the Skyler letters to help me with the grieving process. I had no idea, how his message would bring peace and comfort to those families who suffered a loss of a child, grandson, or great-grandson. This is the twenty-eighth letter in the Skyler series.  I hope that my words will bring love, peace and hope to all who read them.


Dear Skyler,

It is a rainy Friday morning, here on earth. It is on days like this that I miss you the most. I am visiting Cape May, this week. It is beautiful here with its white sandy beach and beautiful morning and evening skies. One of my favorite things to do is to stand and take in the magic of the waves crashing into the shoreline. As the waves start their mad dash, the incredible sound fills my heart with gratitude for creation. Skyler, you would love playing in the sand! Yesterday, I saw a little girl building a sandcastle with her daddy. She was having so much fun. I pictured you carrying a small blue pail decorated with pictures of seashells. I could almost see you filling your bucket with water, then dumping it on your big brother. I could almost hear you laughing. A little later, a young boy just about the age you would be now, was eating a chocolate ice cream cone. His mouth and the tip of his nose was covered in his afternoon treat. As I looked at him and smiled, you were there in my mind. You always are.

Skyler, your brother, Preston started fourth grade this year. He is so bright and has a kind and loving heart. Carson, your baby brother, is turning one soon. Aw, Skyler, you would have loved being his big brother. I smile when I think of the mischief you two probably would have gotten into. Honey, I miss you very much. But know that you are safe, happy and loved in heaven. Skyler, I want you to know that you were important to everyone. You were so handsome and loved beyond words. Although my heart is healing, your memory will live on until I join you in heaven.

I love you to the moon and back!


Dear Gigi,

I was so excited when Angel Agnes brought your letter to me. Gigi, I have so much to tell you. But first, I need you to know that I love everyone on earth and here in heaven. Love is different in heaven. Here everybody is treated the same. It does not matter the color of your skin, or what you believe. Everyone learns the truth when they see Jesus for the first time. It is incredible Gigi, how the love flows from Him to all who take their first step in their forever home.

Yesterday, my friend, Mark and I were sitting on our cloud, waving down. From up here, we can see everything. And I do mean everything. We can look at the mountains, all the trees, the flowers the rivers, and the oceans. Guess what? We can also see all of the animals and people too. We can see the good and the bad that covers the world. It is like a light, Gigi. The good people and things are as bright as the sun, but those thinking and planning bad things or going through some sad times are gray and sometimes black like a storm.  Gigi, please tell everyone to be brave and courageous when you go through the gray and dark times. And when you meet someone who is not nice.

Someday things will change, and everyone will be happy and healthy. Gigi, I am always with you. In fact, I am with everyone in my family. I see their tears. I hear them when they say my name.

Tell Preston to have a great school year. Tell him, I saw him play golf this summer. He is terrific. Tell Mommy that I love her and kiss her cheek every night. Tell Pop-pop that I watch as he plays tennis and works at his desk. Tell my Nannie that I watch her make the crayons. And tell Zach that I pray and talk to Jesus every day. Tell him that I hope he gets better soon. Tell him I love him.

But most importantly tell my baby brother that I think he is sweet. Tell him I will be the breeze that blows around each one as they sing, Happy Birthday to him.

Gigi, tell everyone, that I love them but am very happy in heaven. Tell them to keep waving up to heaven because I am always looking down. Someday we will all be together, but for now, I want them to be very happy.

Two more things, Gigi, please tell everyone that Jesus loves them more than they could ever imagine. His love is like a never-ending rainbow; bright and complete. Tell them to be kind, to help others, forgive and love unconditionally.  He really likes that!  Well, I need to get going, Gabriel just blew his horn. That means it is time to go to the Story Hill.  Gigi, I love you more than all the grains of sand on earth.


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