Peeking Down From Heaven

Once upon a time, high in the sky, God created a window that allowed a bright yellow ray to stream down from heaven.  The window only appeared when the atmosphere was thick with dark clouds and heavy with water. God created the window as a way of checking on His earthly children. He loved them more than they could ever imagine, but many had strayed away from Him.  

One day, God assigned three angels, Delphia, Anna, and Kathleen to peek down through the window and report back to Him. The angels looked confused.  Delphia cleared her throat and asked, “God, what are we looking for?” God answered, “ You’ll know.”  The three angels looked at each other then turned to leave but stopped when they heard His voice. God looked at the angels and asked them to take a child named Skyler with them. Kathleen asked, “ God, what would you like Skyler to do?”  God answered, “Peek down and report.”

It was many days until the clouds darkened and the window appeared.  As Skyler and the three angels started their journey, Anna asked, “ I wish we knew what we are looking for?” Delphia quickly answered, “ He told us we would know. Have faith and trust in Him.” Kathleen smiled as the ray of light led the way.  

Soon they were only a few feet away from the window when Skyler tugged on Anna’s skirt. As she bent down, Skyler, cupped his little hand and whispered in her ear, “ Why did God choose me?” Anna looked into his blue eyes, smiled and replied, “ God loves you very much. Sometimes, He chooses someone who has a tender heart, and sometimes He chooses someone who might be a little mischievous, just like you!  Skyler smiled, then said, “ I’m ready to peek down.

As the angels stood side by side with Skyler between them, they took their first peek through the window. They were quiet as clouds floating by when Delphia blurted out, “ It looks like God gave us a birds-eye view of earth. We will all see the same thing!” Kathleen thought for a moment, then made a triangle with her fingers and peeked through the shape toward earth. She closed her eyes, then just like the wind said, “ I have an idea!” Anna, Skyler, and Delphia looked at her with a questioning look on their faces and waited to hear from the angel with the biggest imagination.

 Kathleen put her hands on her hips then started swaying as if she were dancing when she blurted out, “ Make a triangle with your fingers.” The two mesmerized angels and Skyler looked at her with a peculiar look on their faces.  “Excuse me,” asked Skyler. “ What is a triangle?”  Delphia bent down and helped Skyler bend his fingers into the shape.  Skyler tried on his own and got it on his second try as the angels cheered him on.  “ I have another idea,” said an enthusiastic Kathleen.  “Okay, let’s hear it. We’re burning daylight!” chimed in Delphia.

 “ Come closer and listen one at a time. Do not tell the others what I am going to tell you.” Got it?”  “ Okay” sang two tall angels and one little boy.  “ Delphia, I’ll start with you.” Delphia walked up to Kathleen, turned partially towards her and tilted her head. She glanced towards the idea angel and moved back a little. “ Delphia, don’t move!” Delphia laughed under her breath and moved closer.  Kathleen cupped her hand and whispered, “ East.”  “ That’s it?” asked Delphia.  Skyler put his pointer finger up to his lips and, shushed Delphia. With pursed lips, the oldest angel walked back passing Anna, rolling her eyes in disbelief.

 Anna, always wanting to please everyone, walked up, turned and waited with a smile for Kathleen to whisper in her ear. Kathleen leaned in and whispered, “South.”  Anna smiled then walked back and stood next to Delphia. Skyler did not wait to be called. He marched right up, turned, then waited for Kathleen to whisper. She knelt, cupped her hand and said, “ West.”  Skyler started to giggle. What’s so funny?” asked Kathleen. “ You tickled me with your whisper!” She smiled and turned to face the others.  “ Next, we will stand to face the window using the word I gave you,” instructed Kathleen.

At that moment, she felt three tugs on her gown and looked down. “ Yes, Skyler?”  Skyler looked up crooked his pointer finger and motioned for Kathleen to come closer. She bent down as Skyler cupped his hand and whispered in her ear,      “What does west mean?”  She smiled, and whispered in his ear, “ I will show you.” Then, both walked back and join the other two angels; one getting impatient and one smiling. 

     “Okay angels, go to your places.”  Kathleen walked to the northern part of the window, Anna walked to the southern part, and Delphia waked to the eastern part. Skyler stood watching each one of the angels as they took their place, then without being told, walked to the western part.  Kathleen was getting excited, she loved it when an idea was coming together. “ Now, make your triangle.” She looked around the window and saw four shapes. “ Great!  Bend over and peek.”  Anna, Delphia, Skyler, and Kathleen peeked down at the same time.

They were quiet for a while as they searched their little areas. Then, as each one found something that touched their heart,  looked up and knew what they would report on. Even Skyler, who was quiet, knew what he would say to God.  

Stay tuned for the part two of Peeking Down From Heaven, the Reports.












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