When my children were little, I  enjoyed every minute with them. I loved watching them grow, witnessing their, oh so different personalities, listening to their dreams and wishes, and experiencing their loving hearts.

 They were kind children who grew into even more compassionate adults. They were taught at a young age to be responsible, and each was expected to work at some job. They also had chores to do around the house.

 Sometimes on a warm summer day, my mind meanders back to a time, when their laughter wafted up to the open kitchen window, making me laugh too; just because they were laughing. There was something so beautiful about the different styles of laughter I heard on a daily basis.

As they went through the different stages of testing their parents, little squabbles, cuts, bruises, stitches, measles, fevers, earaches, falling out of trees, and tumbling off a mini bike right before the prom, I suspect my four were not much different from any other child.

I know I will always see them as running, jumping, and playing in the little creek near our yard. I will never forget the day; they tried to pass off a crayfish for a lobster. I was hanging wash when all four of them ran up to me, trying to convince me to eat their catch of the day! Those little rascals.

Don’t get me started on the various sports, scouts, flag twirling, and cheerleading they were involved in. Needless to say, some days were very hectic. I would have never traded those days for all the tea in China.

However, to me, they were a precious gift. Gifts that I cherished and will continue to hold dear to my heart. They are now in their forties and fifties, but to me, they are still young and mischievous.

Grandchildren are a special blessing. I like to think of each one as little gifts from God, for the years of dedication to our children; His children too. Each time a grandchild was born, I could almost see a nod floating down from heaven as His stamp of approval. 

My grandchildren are grown now, but the memories of them as babies, children, teens, and adults, are etched forever in my heart. I loved my children, but it is incredible how each grandchild keeps stretching my heart, filling every inch, with an indescribable love.

I want the very best life has to offer them. They have demonstrated over and over, the love, they have for their families along with respect, compassion, and acceptance for others. I am proud of the parenting my children did with their children. This Grandma is very impressed!


Great-grandchildren are an extra nod from God. I am truly blessed to have two great-grandsons. Just when I thought my heart could not stretch anymore, these two handsome, loving boys came along and nested in my soul. I love when they visit. I love when I visit them. For the last two summers, I have had the privilege of taking my oldest great-grandson for golf lessons. I cherish the time we spend together. The conversations, questions, hugs, and kisses melt me beyond belief. I am his Gigi, and he is my sweetheart. 

His baby brother is ready to walk. He loves to tug at my glasses, throws the ball to me, dances, and mimics me when I sing, You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. I love it! Sometimes I feel as if my heart will burst right out of my chest.

 Families and love go together. Embrace each day, love one another, pray for those who are struggling and never give up on any one of them. They are all precious.  When I think of my growing family, I imagine the many nods that are yet to come, and I am happy.


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