A Special Skyler Letter

Skyler was a beautiful baby boy. He was born on July 1, 2016, and made his journey to heaven on July 29th, 2016. Everyone who met Skyler fell in love with him, including me his Great Grandmother. He is forever in my heart.

 I started writing the Skyler Letters as a way of helping me with the grieving process.  The Skyler Letters have continued because of the difference they are making to those who read them. This is the twenty-seventh letter. I plan on compiling them into a book in 2019.  I hope  The Skyler Letters will continue to bring hope, peace, and above all, love to all who read them.

Dear Skyler,

It is Thanksgiving and I am missing you. I think of you when I see the beautiful shades of pinks, purples, oranges, grays, and white in the sky. It must be a beautiful sight from heaven. Sometimes, I think I can see you waving to me from above. I always wave back and blow kisses your way. Your brother will be celebrating his tenth birthday very soon. He misses you.  We all do.

Have you been to the Loving Bridge lately? Whenever I hear of an animal or two passing, I wonder if you were there to welcome them. Have you been to the Story Hill lately? I love when you tell me about Heaven. I look forward to your letters. So, please write as soon as you can. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear sweetheart. You are always on my mind and in my heart.



Dear Gigi,

I know that you can’t see me, but I am always around you. I see you when you are reading, making your bed, and when you are crying. Do you remember when you were sad and it felt like something was tickling you? That was me!  I am always around you and my family.

Gigi, everything has a way of working out. You just need to keep believing, and never give up.  I just had to tell you that.

Many animals have come to Heaven because of a fire, far away from your house. There were so many, that the angels had to help me walk them over the Loving Bridge.  They are all healthy now and have no pain.  Gigi, I love them all.

Love is a big thing in Heaven. When we are at the Story Hill, Jesus glows with love. I have heard you say, love is the answer.  Gigi, you are right!  Every story and every lesson we hear is filled with love.

 Three days ago, Gabriel blew his horn four times. I hurried to the Story Hill with my new friend, David. He is so nice. When the angels brought David to Heaven, he was afraid, but I told him, that everything was going to be okay. I showed him all around. He kept smiling. On earth, he was very sick, but now in Heaven, he is just fine. On earth, David could not walk or run. In Heaven, he hasn’t stopped walking and running. It is hard for me to keep up with him!

Gabriel told us that we were going to have a special guest. Soon, a man named Noah came walking down the path. Behind him, many animals walked together.  Noah told us that God, that is Jesus’ Father, told him to build a really big boat called an Ark. He told us that God wanted him to make a really big Ark because there was going to be a lot of rain.  And I mean a lot of rain! It rained for 40 days and 40 nights. Everything flooded and everyone died. Except for Noah and his family, and all the animals on the Ark.

 Gigi, do you know how many animals were on the boat, I mean Ark?  Too many for me to count. but I remember Noah telling us that there were two of every kind of animal in the whole world! That was a lot of animals. It took him a very long time to build the Ark. After all, the rain stopped and they could go outside, Noah and his family saw many colors in the sky. It was a rainbow, Gigi. God was showing them His love and He made them a promise that day. He promised to never let a flood destroy the earth.  I liked listening to Noah telling us his story.  But, I really loved all the animals.

Gigi, I like the word, promise.  I promise that I will never forget you and my family. I promise to love everyone.  God wants everyone to know that He promises to love you, me in Heaven, and everyone and everything under the sun.   He loves us when we are happy. He loves us when we are sad. He loves us when we are sick. He loves us when we are healthy. And He loves us when we do something naughty. That sure is a lot of love!

His love never changes and never will. Tell everyone, Gigi, that love can change a person. Tell my brother, I will be with him when he turns 10. Tell him, I will kiss his cheek. Happy Thanksgiving!






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