It is the night before Thanksgiving, and I am busy in my kitchen. The house smells inviting with cherry, pumpkin, and apple pies baking in the oven. As I worked to make the desserts, I thought about each member of my family who will be here tomorrow, all together, in the same house for at least five to six hours. How excited and blessed I am.

 They all have their own families and busy lives, leaving very little time to come together. I must tell you I always look forward to their visits, and will cherish every minute of the Thanksgiving loudness, their forks scraping their plates, and their lively conversations.

 As my mind wonders back like a time machine to the many turkey day dinners, I feel a tinge of sadness.  Time has a way of passing too quickly as the sand in an hourglass.  Time I wish would slow down to a crawl. Time that has become precious to me.

Thanksgiving day will come and go like it always does, and my family will head back to their homes as they always do. But, I will have everything about the day; their hugs, kisses, love you, Mom, and their beautiful, loving faces etched where it belongs in my heart. A heart that loves them unconditionally and will count the days till Christmas.