Sometimes, I like to walk around our local school track. The surface under my feet always entices me to keep walking. On a sunny day, shadows of the walkers are either ahead of them or bringing up the rear.

Today as I thought about my daily story, images of those shadows appeared like my favorite movie playing in my mind. It did not take very long to know that a story was taking shape.

A shadow; When an object blocks the sun’s path (light), darkness appears on the other side.  Although any form of light that is blocked will create darkness or shadow. (We for the purpose of this story will become the opaque object blocking the sun’s rays.)

When I think back to my walking adventures on the track and around town, I remember seeing my shadow either leading me or following me hundreds of times.

Today, as I mulled over the bits and pieces of shadows, I decided to take the story in a different direction.

What if the shadow that leads us is part of our personality that people see, or what we want them to see?  One leads…

What if the shadow behind of us holds the part that hides our deepest fears, or maybe secrets that only belong to us?   One follows…

Maybe the shadows that lead are a reminder that we are strong, brave and courageous. That we believe in ourselves and keep walking the walk, every day.  And, maybe the shadows that follow are a reminder that we are not perfect and have said and done things that we regret. Or perhaps they are behind us prompting us to take a chance; to come out of the shadow of doubt.

There is Someone who is perfect, who knows everything about us. He knows the one that leads, the one in the middle, and the one that follows. He knows the mistakes, untruths, secrets, fears, and our feelings. He sees our success and our failures. He hears our cries and laughter.  Perhaps, He gave us shadows, as a reminder that we are never alone and that we are loved more than we can ever imagine. Or maybe a reminder to keep looking forward instead of looking back.

What is your shadow saying to you?



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