Today we celebrated Christmas in Nazareth. St. John’s United Church of Christ was part of this great day. Our large gathering room was set up with round tables adorned with red tablecloths and a festive tree in the center. Holiday music entertained those who visited the room, to enjoy refreshments of holiday cookies, hot chocolate, and warm cider. The aroma was enticing.

 After a cookie or two, our visitors ventured to the next floor where children enjoyed making Christmas crafts.  I had the privilege of making fabric cards with the little ones. Children never cease to amaze me with their questions, conversations, and creativity.

 As I watched them work on their little treasures from start to finish, a warmth filled my heart. I glanced at each one and saw the pride they took, picking just the right snowman or Rudolph.  Then, I thought of the love they felt for the recipient of their precious gift. Children are like that, they have hearts of gold that spills over in everything they do and say.

While the children worked diligently on their crafts, beautiful music waft from the Sanctuary into the gallery, entertaining everyone.

The Nazareth High School Chorus was outstanding and their choice of music filled the church with the energy of Christmas. Next, our talented organist played Christmas hymns and lovely pieces that touched my heart. Last, but not least, our Bell Choir, finished off with ringing in Christmas. It was beyond wonderful. It never ceases to amaze me the talent we as a congregation are blessed with.

All the while the music was going on, and children were working on their handiwork, a Quilt Pew Show was touching the hearts of those viewing them.  Seeing the beautiful handmade quilts resting over the pews was breathtaking!  As I looked at each quilt, I thought about the person who created it. The love they felt for the material, thread,  binding, and stitches. Each quilt told a story, a beautiful story of patience and time.

As I took pictures of the quilts, the sun shone through our stain glass windows.  I believe that God was smiling down on those who filled our church with love and kindness.

And now to Diane, Sue, Kim, and Linda. Your ideas were wonderful, your kindness and acceptance of the newbie touched my heart beyond words. Thank you for making this a special day for all those who entered our doors, and especially for me.

 I will finish my little Christmas story by saying that today was special. Special for all who attended. It was a day where love filled the air, meandered and personally touched everyone. I hope that those who attended will hold on to the peace they felt on a cold winter’s day at St. John’s.  On this Simply Shining Saturday, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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