Sun Shining Saturday

Although it was a beautiful day, the morning started out on a sad note. My husband and I attended my cousin, Lisa’s funeral. Lisa was a beautiful woman who passed at the age of forty-five. She was a brave soul who never complained about her cancer.

Lisa was always optimistic and lived life to the fullest with her two sons and husband. Her family had many pictures that told the story of Lisa’s life. Those photos made me smile and realize how much she was loved.

Heaven gained a new angel. An angel filled with love for everyone she met. An angel that made a positive difference in everyone’s life. An angel named Lisa.  Until we meet again, rest in peace, dear cousin.

After the funeral, I returned home and started preparing for a visit. A visit that I had looked forward to since Christmas. My sweet cousin, Jane along with her companion, Pat and his daughter Kathy and husband Rick were coming to see my trees and catch up. My sister, Donna and her husband, Albert would be visiting too.

As I waited for everyone to arrive, I finished up the last-minute things, made sure all the trees were lit and waited for my company to come.

 Then I noticed the car coming up the street and went out to welcome them.  Did you ever feel a warmth like a ray of sunshine, when you look at someone walking towards you?  Today, when Jane walked up the steps unto the deck, then walked through the door, a ray followed her. I believe that beam was the love that radiated from her.  Jane is older than me by a few years, but the time we spend together is priceless.

Along with Jane, rays of sunshine followed Pat, Kathy, and Rick followed by Donna and Albert.  I should mention my husband Rick, but his sunshine always fills me with unconditional love.  I don’t know what was brighter in my home, the lights from the trees or the sunshine that walked through the rooms.

Now, I could end my story here but you know that I won’t.

Today, as I enjoyed a nice light meal with my family, I thought back to the morning of sadness. Lisa who now resides in heaven was a ray of sunshine for her family, filled with love, encouragement, and hope for everyone she met.  Although she is no longer with us, that ray of sunshine will continue to live on through memories.

This afternoon, the rays of sunshine that entered my home, filled my soul, while making new memories.

Hang on we’re getting to the good part…

Cynthia’s heartfelt definition of sunshine.

When God was ready to create the world, He knew that He wanted to separate the light from the darkness. A light that would become day and the dark that became night. He put much thought into His idea of wanting His creation of life to have a light that would allow them to become productive, and enjoy the beauty around them. But even more, the light from the sun would warm them and through this warmth, happiness and love would grow. And the evening and the morning were created on the fourth day.

Love generates from a warm heart. A heart that cares about others and wants the best for those in their lives and those they have yet to meet. When the sun rises in the morning, I believe the sky celebrates with its pinks, purples, oranges, and blues. It is as if the early morning colorful clouds are reaching out and returning the given love back to the sun.  As the sun takes its journey, the rays spread their joy, looking for hearts to touch with love. Hearts that make a difference. Hearts that love through hugs, kisses, encouragement, and celebration. Hearts that believe in spreading hope and faith. Hearts charged up from the sun, making a difference wherever they go and to whomever, they meet.

This morning, I felt the rays amongst the tears. This afternoon, I saw the rays in the welcoming hugs.

Who is your ray of sunshine?




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