To a “T” Tree Thursday

On December 6th, I wrote a short story titled, Truthful Thankful Thursday. It was a story about my love of Christmas trees.  Did you know that a Gremlin lives in my attic?  Well, not really, but my husband kind of thinks the little guy exists.  To him, it is the only explanation for a large number of trees that have moved in and taken over the room two floors up from the parlor in our home.

And the story continues…

Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time for me to think about undecorating each of the sixteen trees that have brought me so much happiness.  I have to be honest, I take my time. And I do mean, take my time.  The ornaments on each tree have a special meaning and memory attached. Some are happy, and some are sad. None the less they are all important to me.

I don’t know which tree I’ll start with, but I do know which one will be last. The very last one will be undecorated on the first day of February. It is the tallest one filled with many of my Mother’s ornaments and small precious gifts given to me.

 I have to admit that I always shed a tear or two as I gently take each of Mom’s gems off.  This year will be no different.  I love to run my fingers over each one, just like she used to do.  Sometimes, I am transported back to the fifties and can almost see and hear her as she decorated, then undecorated the real tree making its home on Dad’s platform. Although she resides in Heaven, I still can recall the sound of her voice.  I can only imagine what she would say about my sixteen trees. In my heart, I know she would love them.

 None of the undecorated taken apart trees will go up to the attic until the last tree is ready.  Then one at a time each tree will make its way up the steps to its home on the third floor.

Late this afternoon, I made myself a hot cup of tea and carried it into the parlor. It is so peaceful to just sit and gaze at the trees. Then the doorbell rang. As I opened the door there on my front porch, was a long box with my name on it.  The box brought a smile to my face. I knew exactly what was hiding inside.

 As I carried the box up the two flight of stairs, walked down the hallway, and opened the attic door, I thought I heard a rustling sound like the patter of little feet. Each step I took, the sound seemed to be getting closer.  When I reached the top, I looked around but did not see a thing. As I put the box back in the corner, I knew I was not alone. The hair on my arms stood at attention.

I quickly turned to head down the steps but caught a partial glimpse of something walking towards the new arrival. But it was too dark for me to make out what it was. Could it be the Gremlin who lives in the attic?

 I closed the attic door and went down to the parlor to finish my tea. My mind sure was playing tricks on me today.

My husband returned home from doing an errand, as I sipped my tea and nibbled on a molasses cookie.  I really wanted to tell him about the unusual sound I heard but, did not want to explain what was in the box.

I forgot about the sound until it was time for me to change into my pink kitty cat pajamas.

 As I brushed my teeth, I heard scratching on the attic door and a squeaky sound. I called my husband upstairs, and he heard it too. He opened the door slowly as I backed up ready to hide not knowing what was making that sound.

Well, it wasn’t a gremlin, but my very upset kitty, Ethel, who gave me a look as if to say, ” Really Mommy?”  So much for a Gremlin living in the attic.

However, I will continue to use the Gremlin scenario next Christmas, when we carry seventeen boxes of taken apart trees down the two flights of steps from the attic.

From my heart…

My Christmas trees not only brought happiness to me but to everyone who visited my home. They suit me to a “T” and fill my heart with joy!




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