This is a story about a little boy who is talented beyond words. Each day I watch him from my patio doors doing what little boys do best. I have watched him race around his yard, balance on the railing of the deck, and climb the green tree. Once or twice I even watched as he hung upside down from one of the branches.  It might not sound like much to look at, but for me, it made my day.

Two weeks ago, I noticed him disappearing into the evergreen tree.  I was curious as to where he went when suddenly I recognized a small head peeking out from between the green branches in the middle of the tree. I have to admit, that it brought a chuckle to my face as I saw him poke his head in and out.  It didn’t end there, however.

Every day it was almost as if, he challenged himself to go higher up inside the tree. Three days later I stood at the door and watched as the little boy with the grey jacket, stood tall like a soldier, in front of the tree, turned his head from side to side, then disappeared once again inside the thick green branches.  This time, the branches shook and shook. As I envisioned him climbing, I caught a glimpse of his coat, then his head. He had climbed all the way to the top of the green tree.

But what happened next was really extraordinary. This little boy maneuvered himself out from the branches and climbed down the side of the tree, stopping here and there for a peek inside.  I could not believe my eyes!  What was he looking for?

The next day, the little guy did the same thing, only this time he hung on upside down.  His silly antics made he laugh!  Then as quickly as he climbed, he disappeared. I wondered where he had gone.

Suddenly he was at the window on the sliding glass door, searching for something, but what?  Then I realized what he wanted.  As I went to the pantry, I smiled. I opened the door, reached down, took the lid off a large clear plastic container, scooped up a handful of treats, then walked back to the door.

 I opened the door and carefully placed the tasty gifts here and there on the branches. When I finished, I waited for just a few minutes for him to return.

The little boy with the grey jacket started climbing, searching and finding the tan wrapped goodies, then scurried away looking for just the right hiding place, stopping for a quick nibble before heading back.  I watched as the little boy made several trips. He might be small but sure can climb!  I always gave him a thumbs up.

 And now it’s time to end my story about a bit of a boy squirrel named Jimmy, who loved to search for hidden peanuts inside a medium-sized artificial Christmas tree standing right outside my patio doors.

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My name is Cynthia Jean DeLuca. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I believe in following your dreams and never giving up! Helping others is very important to me, for when we help others, we help ourselves. It is my hope to make a difference in the lives of children and grown-ups. My hobbies are writing, quilting and painting. I am a novice at all three but, enjoy them immensely. I grew up on a farm with no indoor plumbing and no heat in our upstairs. I love life and have a very strong faith. Working on inspirational short stories for grown- ups. Love to speak on topics that touch my heart.

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