A little over two weeks ago, a small sinus infection turned into something huge.  Although I am not one-hundred percent, I am better. In fact, today after resting in the morning, my husband invited me out to lunch. I bundled up, went, and enjoyed a bowl of delicious soup and salad along with warm crusty rolls topped with apple butter, my favorite. It felt great to be our for just a bit.

 My story could end there, however, you know me, I am always looking for a story. And today, I discovered one that took me back to the antics of  Happy Days, Grease, and Laverne and Shirley.  So guys and gals grab your seats and get ready for pure entertainment!

I want you to know that I am not making fun of these precious teens who brightened my afternoon. I am just passing on what tickled me and brought back memories from many moons ago.

Let’s get started…

 Picture this, two empty booths, directly across from where my husband and I were sitting.  Our chairs were positioned that we had front row seats. As we enjoyed our soup and before we dug into our salads, three teens were brought back to one of the tables. They were three attractive young ladies. A few moments later, four teens; three girls, and one boy were seated directly across from us.  First, without missing a beat, the four in front of me and the three at the next table picked up their cell phones and like synchronized swimmers, proceeded to click the letters and numbers sending messages to who knows who. I was amazed at how quickly their young fingers flew over the keys. And just like that, they were finished. At precisely the same time! How do they do that while giggling?  Since not one of them was talking, I am still trying to figure out what as so funny!

 As I continued my soup, I heard the teen boy turn and strike up a conversation with one of the girls sitting in the booth behind him. He wanted to know what high school she went to. In the meantime, the three girls got to work, giggling, and pouring sugar, a squirt of hot sauce, a shake of pepper and, some more sugar into his soda. All the while winking and giggling.  They were so fast! He did not even realize it.  He turned around and did not say a word, which meant the girls laughed even more.

Then the conversations started which sounded like the Valley Girls, but not before, more texting, giggling and watching their male companion sip the soda without blinking an eye.

While the table of four waited for their food, they decided to sit a little differently. Picture this; four young folks sitting facing each other with eight legs stuck here and there on the same seats.

Soon their food arrived, and the eating off of each other’s plates began. In the meantime, the young man had to leave the table for a moment.  Do you remember what happened to his drink?  This time the girls worked together and decorated his plate and food with ketchup and a little salt and pepper with a dash of hot sauce. They added three lemon wages from their drinks to his. One was the lookout, and the other two were the culprits. When he returned, he sat down and started eating while the girls stifled their laughter. He never said a word. He just ate his food and seemed to enjoy it.  As I finished eating my lunch, I couldn’t help to think what might happen if they ordered desserts.

The teenagers I saw today were adorable. They were clean and nicely dressed, You could tell they were good friends even to the boy who was the brunt of their fun. It made me think back to some of the silly things I did as a teenager.  Teen years go by so quickly as we know. I believe that they are good young men and women on the cusp of adulthood. I know this for a fact; they put a smile on my face. And made me wonder what my own teen grandchildren do when they go out to eat. Enjoy your children, regardless of their age. Children are a blessing and so are teens. Enjoy them!

What are some of your teen memories that would put a smile on other’s faces?