Skyler was my Great Grandson. He was born on July 1, 2016. He was a handsome baby boy with eyes that melted my heart. I remember holding him in my arms and falling in love.  Twenty-nine days later, this precious little boy, made his journey to Heaven. He is missed beyond words.  Welcome Home, Aunt Emma is the 30th letter in the Skyler series. I began writing the letters to help heal my heart. I have continued the letters to support other’s dealing with a broken heart. In this letter, Skyler writes to his Gigi. May the message continue to bring you peace, hope, and love.

Dear Gigi,

I know that you are very sad. I saw you crying, I saw Aunt Donna and Uncle Lee too.  I heard, Alicia, Ryan, and Ethan crying. Uncle Dave was so brave, but his tears sounded like his heart was broken. Did you know that tears make a sound?

Everyone who came into Aunt Emma’s room loved her very much.  Gigi, I watched as the Angels held her in their arms as they carried her to Heaven.  There was a really big group waiting for her. Her mom and dad. Her grandmother and grandfather. Her aunts and uncles. Her cousins. Her friends. And me.

Everyone was so happy to see her. There were hugs and kisses.  Gigi, please tell everyone that Aunt Emma is not sick anymore. She stopped coughing, and her heart is totally healed.  I love her.

Nanny and I are going to show her everything in Heaven. Pappy keeps smiling when he looks at her.  Guess what? Do you give up? Aunt Emma met Jesus. He was so happy to see her. Please tell everyone that she is happy.

She wants you all to know that she heard your prayers. She felt your touch and kisses. And she loves you all very much. She wants you to know that it is okay to be sad for a while but to promise to find something to be happy about each day.

You know Gigi, that Aunt Emma is always with you and everyone she loves. She told me that she visited, Trey, Deandra, and Lily while they were sleeping and kissed them on their cheeks. She whispered in Ethan, Ryan, Alicia, Teresa, and Macho’s ears. And she hugged Uncle Dave.  She visited you, Aunt Donna, and Uncle Lee too. She kissed you gently on your foreheads. Aunt Emma wants her family to know that she will always and forever love you.  She wants you to know that Heaven is terrific.  And she wants you to all to look for little signs.

Gigi, Jesus wants you to know that He saw the love each one of you has for Aunt Emma. He heard your prayers, and He answered.  Jesus had something better and more wonderful planned for her. His plan was Heaven.

 Please tell everyone to reach out and just love with all their might. Jesus loves it when He sees and hears the love that families have for each other. He loves kindness!

Remember, I love you, Gigi! Write soon. Oh, Nanny and Pap send their love!


Dear Readers,

When we lose someone we dearly love, the pain is unbearable. My beautiful sister, Emma took her journey to Heaven yesterday, January 26th. She will be missed beyond words.  However, I know in my heart that she is only a thought away.  We, her family will keep her memory alive so that her beautiful grandchildren will remember the wonderful loving, woman she was.  Love never dies.  Rest in peace dear, sister.




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