Do you remember the song, What the World Needs Now?  It’s a song about love; not just for one but for everyone.  I thought about that song a lot today. In fact, I thought about it so much, the tune is permanently stuck in my head.

When I read the paper, or listen to the news, and yes, when I am out and about, I often wonder if some men and women have somehow forgotten what the world needs.  Although there are many kind and loving people, we sure could use some more.

As my story started to cook, so to speak, I asked myself, what makes a person’s heart change and become cold? And can a heart that is angry, hurt, or broken become whole again?  Some might say circumstances play a big part in the feelings one might have.  Some might also say, that a closed heart is difficult to open.

I would agree to the above, however, part of me understands that not everyone’s heart will change. But, still, I believe in hope. I believe some cold hearts can become warm if somehow we find ways to help those struggling with their feelings. I believe that we need to start with our children and by example teach them to accept everyone with an open heart, and to always look for the best in each person. I believe that helping others instills a connection from one heart to another. I believe in being there in times of need,  listening with a loving heart and above all genuinely caring. Sometimes our presence makes all the difference.  I believe in never giving up. Sometimes just a smile might be the start of warming up a heart. I believe that one loving heart has the possibility of changing many.

Dear readers, be someone’s blessing today. You might just be the one that makes a difference.