Today, as I took my afternoon walk, I thought about the loss of my sister, Emma. I also thought about the loss of my dear cousin, Lisa, just two weeks previously.

As the fresh air, hit my face and the coldness crept up my coat sleeves,  I realized how blessed I am. Sometimes we have a tendency to take our health for granted.  Sometimes, we complain over every little ache and pain we have. I am guilty of that.  But on this beautiful day, I decided to thank God for my good health. Not just a, ” Thank you for my good health, Lord.”  But thanking Him for every part of my body starting with my brain.

My conversation with God went like this:

“Lord, thank you for my brain that records my memories and allows me to think and recall. Also for the signals, my brain sends to all areas of my body.

Thank you, Lord, for my ears that fill my soul with the sound of birds, music and familiar voices.

Lord, thank you for my eyes. My good vision allows me to take in the beauty of everything you have created.  My eyes have taken me on many adventures through family, the books I read, and the roads I have traveled.”

My conversation continued with each street I walked down, every corner I turned, and every breath of fresh air that filled my lungs.  I covered every part of my body, inside and out, thanking, Him, with my whole heart.

 As I got closer to my destination, I realized that my steps were lighter, the sun felt warmer, and the birds sounded like a beautiful chorus, singing in perfect harmony.  Praying or talking to Him has a way of changing how we look at things, whether it’s our health or anything else that we need to take to Him.  He is always waiting and ready to listen. You just need to do the talking.  He will do the rest.

 I am thankful and grateful for my good health. It is not something I will ever take for granted. And neither should you.

Wishing you good health, happiness, and love.