Each day when we wake up and our feet touch the floor we are guaranteed a brand new start.  A new day so to speak.  It doesn’t matter whether it is sunny or raining, cloudy or foggy, or snowing; it is a promise from above. A new opportunity to make better choices, to help others, to love our family and friends unconditionally,  to forgive those who have hurt us, and forgive those whom we have hurt.

 A new day to show compassion, to instill hope in all we meet, to be the best person we can be, and to keep dreaming, dreams near and dear to our hearts.

When I take my walks, I am reminded, of what my mother said more than once while I was growing up. She told me that you never know what’s around a  corner.  Mom was right; just like each day is a new start, loaded with opportunities and adventures, turning a corner can lead to helping others. You never know who you will meet as you round the corner. It might be a senior citizen or a mother pushing a stroller, or someone walking a dog.

 Although you might not know the person or persons, it’s what you do when you round that corner that makes the difference. Making eye contact, saying, “Hello,” and smiling might be the best medicine for someone who is lonely. Make an effort. It is so worth it.

For me, those corners take on special meaning each time I turn them. When I walk, I love to say little prayers. I pray for the shops I pass, those whom I meet, those driving down the street, and the dogs that greet me. Each corner brings new people, prayers for the businesses, new opportunities to make a difference.

I am very grateful for a new start each morning, and for the many corners, I turn each afternoon.  I am thankful for the people I pass, and the dogs that greet me with a wagging tail. I am grateful for the many opportunities throughout my day to make a difference in the hearts of those I meet.

Dear Readers,

Find something beautiful to celebrate each day! Find joy in the little things, and around each corner, you turn.