Tonight I had the pleasure of sharing dinner with my sister, Donna, and her husband, Albert. It is always a pleasure when family members get together. However, this story is about friends; church friends, neighbor friends, and new friends. It’s about the teens and parents working together; serving a meal, clearing the plates, and offering delicious desserts.

I found the whole evening refreshing. The room was filled with positive energy. I heard laughter coming from every direction. I also heard beautiful manners and cheerful voices from the teens and parents as they carried out the many plates of food. What a lovely sight to see the coming together of families and friends to brighten an evening for others.

In our weary world, where many tears are shed, being surrounded by accepting friends and family is like a beautiful rainbow after a summer shower.

I left the dinner with a strong feeling of optimism. I genuinely believe that there are more good people in our world than those who want to hurt others. By hurting, I mean by their words, deeds and actions. I am going to hold on to the kindness I saw at dinner, and pray for those who hurt others through their words, deeds and actions.

Thank you to all that helped make tonight a beautiful night filled with happiness and hope for a better future.

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