In today’s world, there is undoubtedly a lot of sadness, confusion, dangerous situations, homelessness, those who are lost, those who are dealing with devastating illnesses, weariness, the death of a loved one, and those who have lost faith, hope, and love. I know I’m starting this story on the heavy side, but bear with me; I promise by the end, things will turn around.

I have often asked myself; what can I do to make a difference in someone’s life?  I like to take it one step further and ask; what can we all do to make a difference?  And yet, I ask one more; how do we begin to make the difference?

Each day when I get up and listen to the news, I get a little discouraged. As much as I know that there are a lot of good loving people in the world, there are also people on the wrong path. Now about that ” a little discouraged.” The crucial words here are, a little.

I have been blessed with a strong faith. It might waver from time to time, but it is always with me. And though I do get a bit discouraged, I try my best to help others in any way I can. I believe that when we reach out to help those who are lost find their way, show kindness,  accept all, spread joy, and care for and love those we meet, our heart becomes our light, a light that shines brightly like the summer sun.

Can you imagine the difference we all could make if we turned on our light when we meet a new person, or when we are approached by difficult people?

 Do you remember the song, This Little Light of Mine?

Maybe if we shine our light and keep shining it, more people will believe in the goodness and beauty around them. Maybe the rays that radiate from our hearts will get other hearts curious about making a change. Changes leading to happier lives for all.

Dear Readers,

Your loving heart can become a beacon for all those who are lost, facing illnesses, have suffered a loss, are lonely, lost their joy, hope, faith, and love.  Turn on your light, and let it shine! Then wait and see what happens. Those people you have touched might become like beautiful flowers growing, loving, and sharing their light with others.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?