Dear Mom,

Today is Mother’s Day, and you are not here. I visited your grave early this morning and placed a container of pink and white petunias right below your name. I stood for a few moments talking to you and Dad, hoping somehow you could hear me.  Although I talk to you every day, standing at your place of rest always brings me comfort.

You have been gone for one thousand -nine hundred and fifty- eight days. I have missed you, remembered you, and wept for you. I have laughed while sharing my memories of you with others.  I have written several stories about the wonderful mother you were.  And yet, the pain of losing you is as fresh as the morning the angels took you to your forever home.

I want you to know that by your example of love, humor, hard work, caring, and sometimes stubborn ways have helped to mold me into the woman I am today. You were always so determined and never gave up. I loved that about you. I loved everything about you.

The last three and a half months have not been easy. Losing Emma, knocked my socks off so to speak and although I feeling a little better, it is still difficult to wrap my head and heart around her death. However, I take comfort that she is with you and Dad.

Donna and Lee are doing well but miss you, Dad and Emma, as much as I do.  I am trying hard to keep an eye on them. Remember, I promised I would take care of them.  And I plan on keeping that promise.

On this Mother’s Day, I picture you working walking through beds of red and yellow tulips in the shape of an, ” L.”   I can almost hear your laughter, while trying to keep a straight face, as your telling your family and friends a joke.  Sometimes, I can feel you with me. And in my darkest hours, I have heard you call my name.

Thank you for your strength and ability to find happiness through the pain. Thank you for teaching me to be humble and thankful for everything in life. Each morning, the first thing I do is look at your picture. I cannot begin to tell you, the comfort your smiling face brings me each day.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Until we meet again, I remain your loving daughter,




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My name is Cynthia Jean DeLuca. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I believe in following your dreams and never giving up! Helping others is very important to me, for when we help others, we help ourselves. It is my hope to make a difference in the lives of children and grown-ups. My hobbies are writing, quilting and painting. I am a novice at all three but, enjoy them immensely. I grew up on a farm with no indoor plumbing and no heat in our upstairs. I love life and have a very strong faith. Working on inspirational short stories for grown- ups. Love to speak on topics that touch my heart.

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