Sunday is my favorite day of the week. How can you not like a day that has the word, “sun” in it?

 In the summer, I love to get up extra early on Sunday, pour my coffee, then head out to the front porch to breathe in the fresh air. There is something special about the peace that finds me as the sun inches its way up, framed by the pink, purple, and orange sky. I like to think that the Sunday choir of chirping birds are surrounded by angels leading them in songs of praise.  Their sweet sounds soothe my soul as I sit and say,   “Thank you,” to the Man who created everything I can see and hear.

As the color palette changed and the sky became a shade of periwinkle blue, the sound of voices filled with conversations and laughter traveled from the open windows and doors, while music swirled through the air and church bells rang.

Then, as I am ready to head off to church, two dogs barked at one another, as if to say, ” Good morning.”  Their tails wagged, and their owners laughed, once again, filled my heart with the sweet sounds of Sunday.

Church, with its songs of love and praise for the Man who created you and me, filled my heart to the brim and left me wanting more.  After church, the clicking of cups being filled with coffee, and the voices of folks, enjoying each other’s company assured me that peace and hope are alive in spite of the challenges we face each day.  As I traveled the short distance to my home, and then throughout the day, the memories of my Sunday meandered through my mind reminding me that I am never alone, and neither are you.

Although each day of the week has its own good qualities, there is something special about the sweet sounds of Sunday that continue to renew my spirit.  Listen for those sounds, and I promise your heart will thank you.

Sunday Blessings!