This morning, my husband and I went out for our weekly Saturday morning breakfast. As I opened the door leading outside, I was taken back by the heat and humidity. I know its summer and hotter temperatures are to be expected. However, as I am getting older, I will admit, the less I like it. After breakfast, I came home and stayed inside with the air conditioner on.

Later in the day, the skies darkened and the storms moved in. A teaser at first, then blue skies, with gray clouds waiting their turn to build up more water. Finally, a fierce deep black cloud rolled quickly overhead, bringing with it wind, claps of thunder and bolts of lightning. It was as if the heavens opened up, directing the rain in every direction.

As I sat at my computer, I watched the raindrops running down my patio door as if something was chasing them. Oh, yes, it was more raindrops.  Sometimes I get mesmerized by the patterns the rain takes.

Today the patterns reminded me of how each day begins, so to speak, as a fresh start, like a beautiful blue sky with bright rays of sun warming our hearts and spirits. Then, in a flash, life takes twists and turns like clouds starting out light gray but soon changing to an ominous darkness. On those days, no matter what we do, nothing seems to work, and we become frustrated, like clouds that burst open, pouring out drops that soak the ground.

I have days like that when everything goes wrong. Everyone does. No one is perfect. However, one thing I have learned is that the storm does not last forever. Life is trying our best, taking care of ourselves, reaching out to help others, loving family and friends, including those friends we have yet to meet and forgiving those who have hurt us.

Perfect days are few and far between, but if we keep trying, I promise the sun will come out bringing a brand new day with a world of opportunities.

So, on this scorching, stormy Saturday, hang on to hope for better days; including cool breezes with miles of blue and yellow sunshine.