Today was beautiful and tonight even better. I enjoy sitting on my front porch as the sun starts to descend; inching down, shadows, and shades of evening changing into the night.  I think it is God’s way of easing us into the darkness.

Then, suddenly, the thick inked sky comes to life with millions of shimmering stars. Although I have a street lamp near my home, if I walk to the back of my house, and look up at the sky, I can see a multitude of small flickering stars. Thinking back to my childhood,  I recite a childhood poem, the one with star light, star bright in it.

As I stand there gazing up to the heavens, I say a little prayer for my loved ones who have journeyed to their forever home.  My heart wants to believe that God assigns a special star to each person who resides in heaven.  Stars that hold the unique personality, and the love, and memories each heavenly heart holds. When I gaze at the stars, I feel a strong connection to my heavenly family.  One night as I searched the sky, I found three stars close together. It made me smile, for, at that moment, an overwhelming surge of love filled my heart. I would like to think those three stars represented the hearts of Mom, Dad, and Emma.

You might be thinking, whoa, she has a vivid imagination. Maybe I do, or maybe my love of our Creator fills my heart with, “anything is possible.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each star was filled with love? And, wouldn’t it be even better if the stars could shower love down to earth? I can only imagine the beautiful changes in people’s hearts.

As evening turns into night, look up at the heavens and admire the beautiful stars. Think about your loved ones, for they are thinking of you.