I love sitting on my front porch. Whether it is reading a good book, listening to music, taking in the beautiful summer flowers, or talking to those walking by.

 Since I live in an old Victorian house, my porch reflects the period.   In the corner of my porch, next to my glider with the flowered cushions, sits a small, round table. On top of the table sits a red Cardinal. Next to the red beauty sits a little girl angel gently holding a small butterfly.

My porch is always open to neighbors, friends, family, and strangers who take their evening strolls.  It is a safe haven for children and an occasional wandering dog named Marty. Those welcomed guests to my porch, know that a listening ear is always ready, followed by a hug, and a voice saying,  ” I am here if you need anything.”

However, when I am alone, my porch is a place where I find peace and hope.  Sometimes, when I am missing my loved ones who live in heaven, the little angel reminds me that love never dies and that our loved ones are closer than we think. As I gaze at her face, I am reminded of the neverending love from the Man who is always ready to forgive us. Her gentle face, reassures me that all is well in spite of the anger, and hate in our world. The butterfly sitting on her knee is not afraid, as she holds it lovingly. It reminds me of the scriptures; do not fear, for I am always with you, and be brave and courageous.

 Although my little angel, white like the clouds floating by on a summer day, is not real, the reminders of God’s love and peace are as pure as the day is long.  A peace that carries me through the difficult times; a peace that renews my energy when I feel weak, and a peace of determination to make a difference.



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My name is Cynthia Jean DeLuca. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I believe in following your dreams and never giving up! Helping others is very important to me, for when we help others, we help ourselves. It is my hope to make a difference in the lives of children and grown-ups. My hobbies are writing, quilting and painting. I am a novice at all three but, enjoy them immensely. I grew up on a farm with no indoor plumbing and no heat in our upstairs. I love life and have a very strong faith. Working on inspirational short stories for grown- ups. Love to speak on topics that touch my heart.

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