About Me

Hello! I’m Cynthia DeLuca. Welcome to my website.

Let’s start with a little bit about my background. I was born on August 3rd, 1948. I grew up on a small farm where my love of animals, reading, and helping others was fostered by my loving parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. On our farm, lived many cats, a multitude of rabbits, three pigs, several chickens, one really mean rooster, four mafia guinea hens, ( it’s true, the rooster and the  “g” hens really did not like me) a cute little heifer named, Bessie, and a black bull named, Blackie. I cannot forget the runaway and unwanted dogs that my dad would rescue.  I loved the farm then, and looking back, those years formed me into the person I am today.

Moving on, my parents, who now reside in heaven, were very important to me. I loved them so much. I am one of four children. The oldest, to be exact. My sister Donna and my brother, Lee, and I are very close. Our sister, Emma, passed on January 26th, 2019. We miss her beyond words.

Skipping past my childhood and teen years, which, by the way, were not always the happiest, of course, you can read about those years in my short stories. Then one day, just like in the movies, the man of my dreams walked into my life carrying baskets and boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables. Just like a banana peel, I fell for his charm and loving, caring ways.

As the story goes, we fell in love, married, and raised four beautiful children who have children of their own. Then heaven knows how it happened, but one of my grandchildren had children. Time really does fly!

At the age of thirty-seven, I went to college for the first time. I loved it; everything, from the challenge of the classwork, the professors, and my classmates. Disclaimer: I was the oldest in each class. It was great!

I am a dreamer! Growing up on the farm, my dream of becoming a teacher started festering in my heart. I tucked that dream in my heart for many years. Until I walked into my classroom at the age of forty-two. Twenty-three years later, I walked out of my classroom and starting on dream number two; writing.

My goal with my writing is to make a difference with my words. I like writing stories that touch people’s hearts.  I enjoy writing for children, teens, and grown-ups of all ages.

Last but not least, I have a deep faith that has gotten me through some sorrowful and challenging times in my life.  My next dream is to speak to those who are struggling. Whether it is from a broken heart or those who feel lost, and always, those who are ill.

I love volunteering with senior citizens (maybe because I am one) preparing meals along with collect clothing for our local homeless shelter.

Reading is my thing. I have been known to read throughout the night just to get to that last page then get angry at myself for finishing it!

I am also a Pollyanna, always looking for the best in each person I meet.

I am a member of the Lehigh Valley Writers Guild, President of the Penn Rose Quilt Guild ( lovely ladies), a contributing journalist for the Bath Home News, and The Nazareth Times Magazine. And an active member at St. John’s UCC in Nazareth, Pa.

Well, all of these words are what makes me, me. I love life!

P.S. I forgot to share that I love Christmas and Christmas Trees! Just ask anyone who knows me!

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