It was the night before Christmas as I dashed through the rooms, emptying bags, wrapping presents, dipping pretzels, and cleaning up.  The trees are ready, and the stockings were hung waiting for the big day. As I made a cup of tea, I caught a glimpse of the moon. A beautiful moon high in the sky.Continue reading “MARY, MANGER AND THE MOON”


Multifaceted is a beautiful word.  It lends itself nicely to family and friends, and what makes them so different and unique. I believe that when we were created in our Mother’s womb, the layers of our personalities, confidence, creativity, self-esteem, patience, imperfections, acceptance, forgiveness, hope, faith, truth, and love were given their appropriate dosages. TheContinue reading “OUR MULTIFACETED LIVES”


Our little angel, Skyler, would have celebrated his first earthly birthday on July 1, 2017.  Sixteen days later, Skyler wrote and sent a letter in response to his great- grandmother’s letter.  I think you will enjoy a child’s view of his first birthday celebration in Heaven.  Skyler’s letters are written from the heart. The message that Gigi writesContinue reading “CHOCOLATE CAKE, BALLOONS, AND ANGELS”


This is a story about a teapot. It is not a teapot to boil water for a nice cup of hot tea; or a decorative; sit on the shelf teapot. It is a beautiful pink teapot, not a bright pink, or a fuchsia,  but more of a dusty rose. My teapot has a timeworn fashion look with little round openings below a flowerContinue reading “WHAT MY TEAPOT TAUGHT ME”


Last summer, I took a spoon from my daughter’s kitchen. Yes, I am a spoon thief. The spoon was not a plastic spoon or a measuring spoon, but a lovely stainless-steel spoon with a fully designed handle.   I know that you, dear reader, must be thinking, “Big deal, it’s only a spoon!” But I hope thatContinue reading “THE SPOON THIEF”


It was early Monday morning when I got the call. A frantic call. A call that would change and break my heart. The caller, my brother-in-law, short words; she is in the ambulance, they can’t revive her. That was all.  “They can’t revive her.”  Stunned, what was happening? My youngest sister? No, it can’t be!Continue reading “LORD HEAR MY PRAYER”

Generous Compassionate Sunday

One of my favorite places to volunteer and collect needed items is Safe Harbor.  Safe Harbor is a local homeless shelter near my home. Although I do not know the men and women who reside there, I consider them my neighbor.  We all go through rough patches in our lives, and it is because ofContinue reading “Generous Compassionate Sunday”