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A Beacon of Perseverance, Gratitude and Love

My sister, Donna is a one of a kind. She not only has a remarkable memory, but knows every family member’s name, their birthday, wedding anniversary, their spouses and children’s names, and when they graduated from school. She is the one that greets each person at our family reunion by their first name, as my brother, Lee, my sister, Emma, and I just say, “Hello,” and smile.  I must mention that our family is well over four hundred strong with at least one hundred or more attending our annual reunion. She is our go to gal, when we remember something great that happened in the past, but just can’t pull out the date.  As I am getting older, I find myself calling her quite frequently for dates of things, I should remember. Donna actually wrote the birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduation dates and whatever date she thought I would need in a lovely date book, which I can’t seem to find.   She is amazing! This story is not just about my sister’s memory, it’s much more than that. It is about a woman with a big heart, who cares about each person she meets. It is about the birthday cards she sends out to immediate family, and close friends. It is about the call she makes when someone is sick, and the encouragement she gives. My sister always ends her calls with,  “Call me if you need anything.” Donna didn’t always have an easy life. When she was six years old, she […]

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Suicide Awareness

I have been wanting to write about this growing epidemic for several days, but did not know where to start.  So bear with me, as I attempt to share my feelings. As I listen to the news, read newspaper articles, and talk to those who have lost a love one through suicide, or attempted suicide, I am reminded that some children, teenagers, adults, middle age, and seniors are at a great risk. Some folks may exhibit signs of needing help, and some hide their feelings, leaving family and friends to wonder what they missed. These beautiful souls who feel they have nothing to live for, or see no way out, just want the pain to stop.  I find myself often thinking about, what circumstances these folks find themselves in, that leads to their final decision. Bullying, illness, drugs, and alcohol, physical and mental abuse, feeling of failing, and letting family and friends down, mental illness, and not feeling they fit in, are just a few on a list of many causes. So dear readers, how can each one of us make a difference? How can we reach out to a love one, or a friend who is struggling?  I know what I plan on doing. First, I want my friends and family to know how much I love them; and that my love is unconditional.  Secondly,  I want them to know that I will always be there for them.  Importantly,  I want them […]

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