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Remembering Millie

Carmella Giunta was my friend, a very dear friend who always warmed my heart when I would see her at a picnic, or when I visited her in the nursing home. I knew Carmella as Millie. Millie with the brown sparkly eyes. Millie with the beautiful Italian accent. Millie who loved her family. Millie who made all who met her […]

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Rhubarb Pie

When I was a young bride, I thought I would impress my husband with a pie.  Since it was rhubarb time of the year, I decided to make a Rhubarb pie. I searched for a good recipe, then bought rhubarb at a local farm. I went directly home and started a new adventure; cleaning and dicing the rhubarb, spooning the […]

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I Am So Much Better Now

When I was growing up, staying on task was very difficult for me.  It seemed that every time I would start a chore, or clean my room, something always pulled me away. Whether it was the birds chirping, or glancing out the window at the puffy white cumulus clouds floating by; something always stole my good intentions away. I remember hearing […]

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